870 bed sitters to be built in kilimani

Developer got approvals and started construction and now the residents dont want the bed sitters in their neighbourhood.



Dr MADoadoa PhD. • 4 hours ago • edited
My Ohh my…
870 bedsitters on an acre…??
Kilimani was initially half or an acre per homestead.
Now it’s 870 dwellers…
That density surpasses ghettos like huruma, pipeline,umoja etc
Then someone tells you
" I live in killy- money"

Poor residents think they will be considered rich if they isolate themselves from those they consider poorer

Kilimani is fast becoming a big slum

NMS tenure is ending in few months developers wangojee kidogo tu!

Roysambu girls watajazana huko

Happy housing, naweza chukulia baby mama moja awache kusumbua ati hawezi ishi umoja.

Developer angesema anajenga hoteli, then later on anapeana room on monthly basis. Problem solved.


How come mzungus do not bomoa their suburbs to build flats?



si walibomoa Highbury stadium

Hizo nyumba zitaendelea kujengwa that I can guarantee!
870 x 12,000 = 10M plus hiyo pesa utahonga anybody!

Project isha anza. They cant use excuse ya “increased traffic in the area” to stop it.


[COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)][SIZE=7]Fikisid[/SIZE]

In a letter by the director lands, housing and urban renewal S.G Mwangi, NMS said the construction of 870 units on a 0.463 ha was not “acceptable since they exceed the ratios provided.”

How is it not acceptable yet they issued approvals…!! If the developer didn’t use the back door to get approval he has a case…

:D:D:D:D:D… value for money nothing beats my estate hapa kaptagat road

Kilimani and Kile slumification is well underway. Now the vibandas and bodabodas will come in to service those bedsitter dwellers and there goes the neighborhood

Nitaweka ya Mutura

Na kawine and spirit…

Slumification ndio hii sasa. @Motokubwa will land there selling cow heads.

God bless me nikafunge nikajifiche Nyeri or on the slopes of Abedares. Kanairo will soon become a big ass slum.