85% of brothels now open

As I passed through the CBD I realized a number of brothels are now open, Eureka, Modern Green, Goodhope, Tea Room, Kericho, Rico, Amar,Kitale,VIP just to mention a few. And they are all open in the name of restaurants.

Wacha zifunguliwe, maraya ni part of essential services providers

Uhuru is about to lift the cessation of movement… Soon it will be business as usual

Hata huku Cuomo is slowly easing restrictions

[COLOR=rgb(40, 50, 78)]Well they are licensed as restaurants

Can’t wait to celebrate with my favourite lanye, I’ll fuck her brains out.

Ni wa club gani?

Good hope, Yule mgiriama.

Those u have mentioned are clubs not brothels

Epukeni covid19

Death reading this thread with a big smile on its face

Sick mofos outchea

mgiriama anaitwa wanjiku kwa id…lol

everybody dies… death is a certainty. camcer hepatitis accidents covid…kikufa utakufa tu


eureka inakuwaga brothel? beem there sijaona malaya.

unauziaga wapi cum bucket?

Unataka malaya awekwe kwa menu ama… ghassia

Una pic yake?

Tuliza boli uonyeshwe mali kijana