846 Million

Is enough to build a modern 100 bed hospital with 15 bed ICU and 45 bed HDU.

The UN together with the Kenyan government did it.

You do not matter. They will not do a similar project in your county or region.

Keep to your lane, your lives are cheap

Bbi will cost how much

They’ve already spent more than 10 billion to write the report,

Neither do you matter, seeing as you are not going to get any Kimwarer or Arror dam any time soon. But am sure you are well-fed from the crumbs that fly off Arap Mwizi 's mouth, going by the ass-licking you do here. Arap Mwizi does not need Hanaan tissue paper with your tongue around.

14birrions . I love kenya

10b twice

This rotten administration

The UN hqts in New York were concerned about their staff in 3rd world Kenia during the corona pandemic and therefore poured close to 1 B at Nairobi hospital to ensure the hospital could adequately handle corona cases in case their employees became sick. This is a good thing coz Kenyans will also benefit from the world class facilities. No need to travel to the US or Europe for treatment coz everything is available at Nairobi hospital. Though I would have preferred if such a facility was put up at the govt owned KNH instead of equipping a private hospital.

One wonders whether BBI will be funded by Covid-19 testing fees.

Matungu mp died because his local hospital, in his constituency, didnt have oxygen to save his life. Last month he led harambees to build churches

They’ll pray for his soul to be delivered, while fuelling the pastors SUV



Hapa inakuwanga wizi wa mabavu