800B Eurobond

Mama Ngina Kenyatta isnt yet satisfied…blood sucking kenyatta family have destroyed Kenya.Kenya will never be same again.hii pesa yote will be for buying state machinery and politicians in 2022 and foreseeable future… mark my words[ATTACH=full]274662[/ATTACH]

Manze wacha hiyo 800B ikuje…tumesota sana

National debt ceiling was lifted by parliamentarians so GoK under Uhuru is allowed to borrow Kshs 3 trillion more by the end of his term.
If that happens he will have borrowed Kshs 7 trillion because currently he has borrowed Kshs 4 trillion.

Hii debt ni kidogo sana. Si hata waweke 20 trillion total debt, ghassia

The monk said it,world bank agreed.we are borrowing more than its sustainable.those projects aren’t able to repay the loan.soon more than 70% of our tax money will go to psy loans that we had no business getting.how I wish kibaki would come back and run the economy

Then run us to another ethnic strife

No.I don’t mean it like that.I mean the way for the most part tulikuwa tunajitegemea.

Mi nataka tu hiyo 800B ikam Ju enyewe kwa ground tumesota… wacha ikam

Wacha ikuje basi but sioni ikifika Kwa ground