8 nationwide blackouts in 6 months of Jambazi Sugu's presidency... Which is historic!

Since Praying Mantis entered State House, there have been 8 nationwide blackouts. What is happening at Kenya Power? When the same happened during Uhuru Kenyatta’s regime, William Ruto apologists said Mama Ngina was up to something. Meanwhile, Ndindi Nyoro is the largest single shareholder in Kenya Power!



Heshimu your President!

From now on, muite Mtu Kufu Rais Daniel Arap… ahem… I ment Mtu Kufu Rais William Arap Somoei

That name is the funniest a president has ever been labelled

Total incompetence by tangatangas. Kaba uhuru.

Mtukufu Rais William Arap Samoei leo katika ikulu ya Nairobi…


It’s Big Candle.

They pull the strings huko nyuma ya pazia to keep Kenyans buying millions of candles every month.

:smiley: who would have known

Masinga dam ,kaburu hakuna maji , kplc depends on water to generate electricity it will get worse before rains . Jambazi hajaiba maji Huku ukambani kwenye stima inatoka .I think mnamuonea Sasa

I will speak for myself; Niko na machines running on electricity. Every time stima inapotea, I am forced to buy fuel.for the genset just not to interrupt the customer experience since the little profit inaenda na generator. Now imagine kukaa bila stima for hours on end several times a month. Maumbwa hao.

Amesema hamuhitaji stima.


Mantis awaibie stima, wamathuraku awauzie feturu bei haieleweki… Mnadinywa double penetration but ile inauma ndo mnalia kwa sasa. Kenyans are truly a peculiar bunch.

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