8 lucrative jobs that can be done without any resources but can make you millions

… seated here after watching another part of Shark Tank minding the entrepreneurial mind I have got. I thought that ranting or commentary can be so boring and decided to start your month in a new way. I completed high school some time last year (I can’t remember) and I can swear that if one is not good at research in the gap year, you will never be good at it. In Kenya the unemployment rate is so high because universities are producing half-baked products but complaining to the government will never land a spoon of food on your table.

Here are 8 lucrative jobs that can be done without any resources but can make you millions.

  1. YouTuber

Commonly known as creators, this career in creating YouTube content rakes in millions of dollars from advertising revenue, sponsorships and brand deals. Open a YouTube account, make a vlog on your visit to a certain Nigerian mall or city, let people subscribe and engage your audience. Make a review of your latest gadget and share your material. Do your research very well though.

  1. Blogging

If you love writing, find a topic you are passionate about such as fashion, entertainment or gossip and start a website about it. You may gang up as a group. All you need is a computer and enough energy to keep you consistent in your kind of work.

  1. Freelance writing

I have gone to many places and I can say that this is an ultimate job especially for university students. If you are good enough with words, you might need some work as a freelance writer for a certain website. Most publications need online content and research and you can help them do it. This job pays and its stress free. N350 – N500 a page is a lot of money. Again, do your research before starting.

  1. Social Media influencer

All you need is a loyal and a bit large following. Some of the people I spoke to have confessed making Sh. 10,000 in a single day from twitter. XtianDela, Africa’s top twitter personality even rejected Sh. 7,000,000 to work with an alcohol brand, look at that.

  1. Voice over artists

If you can hack jeff koinange’s voice or even have an accent, stop wasting time. How many times have you walked into a shoe stall around Nairobi and heard a familiar voice in each? Alas! that guy who keeps on repeating himself is a voice over artist. That person you hear on radio talking about a certain campus, bank or saying the name of the radio station is a voice over artist. Its only one thing you haven’t done, you have not had the courage to approach the concerned.

I am done with my best, which I can personally start soon. Here are the extra;

  1. Video Editor

Most video creators might not have the experience to do this and you might have some knowledge of it. Outsourcing websites are in bulk and you can open up an account and start getting jobs from other people.

  1. Buying and Reselling

Online stores like jumia, konga, jiji allow people to have an online shop where people can post their items for sale. The secret here is to purchase certain items even if second hand and make changes to them. You can later sell them at better fixed price.

  1. Content creation and awesomeness creativity

Ok, you have heard that Masaku 7s is around the corner, get to work and create a certain design shirt for that period, after all you sell at a high price because they are kind of limited edition. Also, make your way to Garden City mall, Mr. Price shop and read what’s written there. That’s a job, OR, make the boobae shirts.

There are so many others but they may not be cool kid’s jobs so I decided to stick on that. Serikali si mama yako, make sure to share this if you don’t need it. Back to my hustle.




what is N350-N500?


Oga oh, ‘without any resources’ just lost its meaning.

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Umesahau kuuza smokies na mayai boilo kama @blueline. Easiest route to millions.


You could also take a seat as you count the likes

I don’t think you finished high school last year. Your sentences are too good to be fresh from bakery . Albeit that’s a good read

What about shinning eyes?

Shining or dimming eyes on people’s property could make you rich overnight…it could also get you castrated in a jiffy depending on whose property you are shining your eyes on…or the level you are playing at.

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You ned a computer,internet and time. Those are resources my friend.

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Don’t just stop there

Sisi tunauza chapati

I know this Kenyan Youtuber who once told me he makes between 350 and 800 USD monthly by posting shit collected randomly on the web.
Channel: Epic Stories
Example is this story of Paul Kobia I watched today LINK