8 freaking K

Streaming 4K movies will need speeds of 20 Mbps hivi. Other 1080 movies just need 10 Mbps.

How is the experience gaming in 4K? must be heavenly.

The Youtube app on Samsung smart TVs doesn’t stream 4K. They have limited it to 2K. very annoying

on that note, who knows where I can rent/buy original Blu Ray disks in Nairobi?

Blu Ray ni hard but Kuna wakati billionaire Fulani talker his name escapes me alikua anataka kuanzisha exchange …kwani uko na br player?

an old Sony Blu Ray home theatre

It’s awesome kwanza games Kama GTA v, rise of the tomb raider, ghost recon I have them cranked up on 4k ultra settings !


Jaribu hawa.


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Nimekumbuka jina tafuta @nairobilay

The advantage of living abroad like akina freakazoid ni mambo kama hii. I believe netflix offers a 4k bouquet.
In the west these things are readily available.

For instance all the movies and TV shows ever shot in Hollywood, all of them, can be converted or uprezzed to 4k. Simply because when they shoot their products they are future proofed. They shoot with very big format film cameras which can be converted to even 16K years later. Smart thinking.

And they are digitizing all their old material but they are also wary of piracy.

Then of course today all movies are released with the kawaida 720p format for your ordinary DVD.

Then there’s the HD DVD option.

And in many films today they’ll also give the Blu-ray 4K Ultra HD disk option available on Amazon with prices ranging from $10 to $30.


And in some western countries since the customer is king, you’ll still find movies in VHS tape formats for people holding on to their old VCRs.

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the next frontier is High Dynamic Range (HDR) and accurate colours. This is a better competition than seeing who can squeeze as much pixels into a screen as possible

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Hdr ni upus it’s too dark for my liking maybe I don’t know how to calibrate it but haikunifurahisha

check ile website yangu favorite www.rtings.com

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Well i got the old school xbox 1 no 1080p leave alone 4k …and my graphics card ya comp and lapi italipuka nikidai anything greater than 1080p…but i tried playing cuphead at 2160p(2k) and kuna difference kubwa but planning on getting the xbox 1 x soon and a good graphics card…

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seriously am usually confused what card to get so i can play at those settings…nabaki nascratch kichwa …1050 ti na 4gb naskia inaweza then in some games haiwezani…i just freak out and unable to pull the trigger…hebu nipe idea…I find graphics bothersome cuz like last year nvidia dropped like three different systems for them and everyone is claiming they are legit from linus to overclock gamers

Graphics card used to be cheap then cryptocurrencies that are mineable by a GPU came along forcing them to be sold out the next batch to hit the market retailed for double the price ! Good luck coz you will need it ! I wanted to do an sli in my killer rig but buying two gpus at 587 USD wasn’t really my cup of tea!

Thats the thing and then you buy a card and thena game comes out and haichezi at 4k cuz of bs reasons…argh! I give up! but at the same type kuna rigs watu wanuaza huku ziko na potential…like this ad below i low key bidding here
Keyboard bought new CORSAIR Mouse: Trust GTX Headset: ELITE Processor: Intel Core i5 - 4460 3.20Ghz Video Card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 4GB RAM 8GB. CS GO 150 FPS PUBG 60-70 FPS Almost all games can be played in high or ultra quality without any problems. The price is for everything shown on the pictures. The PC must be retrieved. The price can be a little discussed.
i have heckled the guy to 7000kr around 90kshs is that good and he is like an hours drive…wanna sweat him out bado to 6500kr…unajua u show the black heckling skillz


kama una $1000 mahali jaribu hii

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na ile inajiita titan xp that came after and the one they realesed late last year…i never buy the newest tech in the market…ni stress ya bure uki pata si perfect…learnt that from the xbox arcade days…never be the first to jump in…so pass…wacha tuone this year utaskia titan xp2 but pia kuna hii

5000$ mzeiya…


Sadly the reality is you’ll probably never get to see what a camera sees not even with the most expensive ultra definition TV, not that its necessary anyway. The closest you can get to see perfection still remains a good film theatre and NOT the TV. A film director will even tell you go watch his movie at a particular place. Some directors are so specific they even have favorite theatres they believe project the best images. George Lucas even went as far as creating a new sound system (the THX system) just for one Star Wars movie so the audience could be immersed in the theatre experience in a few select theatres.

And as things stand today, the IMAX 70mm format I addressed in another comment is the ultimate medium. Maybe one day very very soon digital will surpass it with 100K or even 120K formats. And if they make the TV version of a 100K format, it will be as big as a 20 storey building!

If you are lucky enough to see an IMAX Film Projected at 70mm in one of the very few IMAX theatres on earth, then you have truly witnessed the ultimate image man can produce.

Christopher Nolan has advised people to go watch his new film Dunkirk at IMAX theatres that have 70mm projectors since that’s how he shot the movie and he wants you to experience it that way.

A monstrous IMAX 70mm camera…