8 freaking K

Yes 8k yani 7680 x 4320 that is a whopping 4320p. Kama 1080p excites me enough I wonder what this would do.

You might ask, why 8K? We barely have much 4K UHD content available now. But 8K is the next step with Japan leading the way. The plan is to air the Tokyo 2020 Olympics in 8K via the broadcaster NHK who calls this 8K Super Hi-Vision. So expect this to be the start for 8K with TVs beginning to go on sale ready for the future of the high quality content.

So how much will this next level of TV cost? You can already buy 8K screens so that is a good way to judge what to expect. Currently Sharp sells its 85-inch LV-8501 for around £106,960. So it’s clearly not accessible for many people at this stage. Hopefully a whole new wave of screens revealed at CES 2018 will usher in a new price level for these super high resolution TVs.

The next question is where will 8K content come from? There is already a RED Weapon 8K camera which is starting to get used. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 has been shot using that camera which means it could be used in the future as an example of the content quality. Since HDMI 2.1 already permits 8K that should mean the upgrade won’t be too difficult. Here’s hoping the future of 8K TVs becomes affordable soon.



Mimi Kila kitu na bench mark na 4k siendi beyond that


Na 4d


Mboss, TV yako ni gani?

movie moja ya 4K ni 40 GB. Siku hizi I don’t go beyond 1080p


British Pounds 106,690=14,869,385.30 Kenya Shilling only.


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Ata Mimi 1080p inanitosha for now…I don’t now whether its just me but I find amazon and BBC’s 1080ps programs more clearer than others.

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Ni wapi naweza pata phone ya 4k?

Hii story ya Japan na 8k ni mzee kidogo. It’s from last year. right now talk is on 16K in the gaming industry.

But the reality is that this is not really moving foward resolution speaking. In fact 8k iko nyuma sana.

In the 1960s and 70s there used to be a film format known as 70millimeter film. One Canadian company (the IMAX Corporation) called this format the IMAX film format created around 1970. They even came up with their own special camera, lenses and projectors.

IMAX also owns the digital projection technology you see in Imax theatres across Nairobi but those are just ordinary 2K theatres.

An IMAX 70mm camera is a monster of a camera. And the images are HUUUGE! The theatre screens are also supersized. There are a few IMAX theatres in the world, I believe mainly in Canada and the U.S. and the format is mainly used to shoot documentaries and a few blockbuster films.

If you were to scan a 70mm film frame with a laser you could get 12K digital footage. With a next generation laser you could even go as far as a blistering 64K because film captures insane amounts of data.

Quentin Tarantino shot The Hateful 8 in ultrapanavision super 70mm another 70mm film format. A huge camera and a very huge picture format. He wanted the younger generation to experience 70mm. The film was shown in a select 100 film theaters in the U.S. which had the technology to project such a humongous image.

With these old 70mm cameras from the 1950s,60s and 70s you can fit the whole of Mt. Kilimanjaro and it’s surrounding villages on the screen in the highest resolutio so they are excellent for shooting landscape vistas of the American West and desert landscapes like in the film Lawrence of Arabia where they acquire huge amounts of image data.The colours are more vivid and of course shooting 70mm is very expensive.


wow! next TV will show content like real life.

Mimi iko na 4K and i can tell you; there is no local content.

The only hope i have is the internet - where i stream some of the stuff.

Marketing is a very powerful tool, I bought the 4K TV a year ago and I struggled for content. I finally found a place to get them but they are very limited collection of movies on that platform. Once I got fibre I quit dstv and started using unlocked amazon firestick. It has Terrarium which a section for 4K movies and yes, its also few movies but I don’t need to buy movies again. Its a hustle getting 4K content and therefore I wouldn’t recommend anything past it. Most of our content still remains Full HD and it still rules.

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Kustream movie za 4k, unatumia speeds gani za fibre

Thats the price of an audemars piguet

and ten times cheaper than the Patek Phillipe which goes for 11 million British pounds. It’s a cheap TV to the target market

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most flagship phones hukua 4k the best ones ni samsung note series

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Kuna kitu inaitwa Blu-ray. Hio pesa mnaiba gava you can comfortably buy a Blu-ray player and 4k movies.

shit we got the same teli.[ATTACH=full]148218[/ATTACH] just got that shit with the recent price drop …the remote is heaven sent but a fucking imbecile when high…love it!!!
and 4k si kuringa but that shit na 1080p haiko league moja…

too early to buy it simply because kuna very little 4k content saa imagine 8k… ipe 8-10 years utauziwa 32,000