8-4-4 vs IGCSE

Sema wadau,

I’m torn between educating my kid in igcse or 844 system. She’s in class 2 right now at an 844 school. Debating whether to chart her path in 844 in secondary school (kianda/alliance/Kenya high) or igcse. Then for uni a good local uni like Strathmore or usiu.

I’m torn between top of the range 844 schools or igcse. Iv been to IGCSE myself but the fees are exorbitant.

For those who have been to 844 how was it.

Mimi nilienda 9-4-4
( I am a repeater)


Mimi nilisomea wamumu approved school na sasa Mimi dollar millionaire

Don’t enrol her in IGCSE if you don’t have money for accommodation and fees in a foreign university, and connections to get her a job immediately after her graduation

Someone gave me the exact same advice. Seems true. But now I’m in a quagmire. The fear of the unknown

Iko wapi yes Rasta

If in class 2 then it’s more of 6-3-3-3 not 8-4-4, the former is just experimental so your kid in class 2 falls within the experimental subject range.

you can not enroll in public institutions as some dont recognise the system and others will ask you to convert the grading to 8.4.4 systems. However if you want the kid to be in private institutions all the way to UNI then go for it.

R U from tebere Kibici Kiaganu…

Nowadays there is no guarantee for jobs for the majority of degree holders even if you get a First Class Honours… You need to be aware of this before making your decision. Th IGCSE is very costly and is meant for those who can afford to take their kids mostly to Britain. AMerica has a different system though there are some conversion exams for both systems… 8-4-4 ( ti is really not 8-4-4) right now is under serious confusion for those below class 3 and many parents are worried about what will come out of it… The quality of the new system is entirely unknown for now… If I had the money, I would choose IGCSE for it is well-established for ages and if you can afford the fees, you can easily afford higher education abroad… and about jobs, nobody really knows what the job market will be in 15 years from now when the kid will possibly a graduate… And either way, it is always good to let the kids do what they enjoy not what the job market offers… I am against the idea that all A students must study medicine as it might not be their calling and they will be very poor doctors afterwards…

Take her wherever you feel right. We have billionaires who never went to those “fancy” schools

I personally believe that one only requires Basic Math (Arithmetic) and English or any other international language in life… That’s it… He can then learn other things depending on what he needs to do… He can proceed to high school and specialize in Science (Math, Bio, Chem for Medical related advanced studies), etc and not waste too much time getting assessed in subjects like Social Studies, religious education which though useful, can be studied easily as long as you can read and write… What did akina Isaac Newton study in lower primary schools?

sober advice

Kenyan education is not worthless. We have great medical doctors, engineers and scientists working around the world and that is proof of the pudding. Good luck

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D 844 will always teach the child perseverance…the child is moulded to endure the system.thats why you will see an actuarial graduate sleeping in the streets and will still wake up the next day and hope.Hio ya wados wachana nayo.

Not worthless but what does it produce for the economy? Anyway education requires other facilitating factors of culture and values to be useful… our Engineers have built great roads in Botswana and other places and here we rely on Chinese engineers

As far as I know, you don’t really need Igcse to go to any uni in the world. 844 is good enough. If fees is a little bit of a pinch now, keep her in 8-4-4. Then make the decision when she joins high school.

At the very least save for USIU if you go down that road

Taking your kids to highend schools unafaa kuwa umejipanga vizuri i know a tragic case where the dad was a top executive bahati mbya akakuwa mgonjwa and he passed on the fees was unsustainable given they were 3 kids unapata ni 400K plus per semester i dont know what happened but the wife was really stressed out.
Huyo mpango wa ken okoth pia one of the reasons she will fight hard the son yuko kwa one of those international schools given she will probably not be nominated again hiyo fees probably will be to high

I’d advice saving and switching her at either grade 7 or 9. Past that she is not likely to do very well since the manner in which questions are required to be answered is different. Lot more application and evaluation in IGCSE than 8-4-4, it takes time adjusting, this is coming from someone who has done both. IGCSE is a lot raises more holistic kids. Pesa ndo defining factor