8-4-4 system

So it has all along been a fraud.I can’t see kids from the famous Gilgil Hills,Lily academy,Kirinyaga just to name but a few, featuring on todays local newpapers save for 1-2-3 unlike before when they used to litter the top 100 slots.
If we uphold our systems like Matiang’i and Magoha are doing,slowly the cries from those who deem sidelined will start benefiting .
I hope they look into how JAB does its selection too when these kids clear high school in 4 yrs time.


JAB uko sawa

JAB ni nini. Update your knowledge

Joint Admission Board,Kwani ilibadilishwa,I mean ofcourse after they clear secondary school…Talkers

72 pupils managed to get 400 plus in kakamega hill school, parents that’s a school to watch.

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Wacha hubris. You start by asking a good question then unamalizia na majivuno ya kushow I am the shallow one. Bonyeza hapa and come face to face with your usienj

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Sio Malumbano,hapo nadhani niko out,wacha nisome nielewe kwanza nione kama nitapata chance ya kukushika makagari

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Ichunguzwe au?

You are around 24 or 25 yrs old?:eek:


If a school can have such an amazing performance in this Matiangi era then it has to be amongst the best in the country.


I see you are impressed

Fees itaongezwa maradufu and it will be back to square one.

Try mortified.:D:D:D


Nope a very good school I’m proud of it, next year niko pia na candidate huko.

Nope watoi wangu wote husomea huko, next year niko pia na candidate.

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uko na watoto wangapi wewe lakini

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Wacha kuanika ignorance mchana nanii

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Sawa umenena,tukiendaga

You’ll be mollified when we meet


it’s KUCCPS now, i personally known the C. E. O and he is a no nonsense guy like Matiangi.

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