77 Nigerian Bonobos Rescued From A Church After Waiting For Weeks For Jesus' Return

Police in Nigeria’s state of Ondo have rescued 77 worshipers from a church where they were confined for weeks waiting for the second coming of Jesus Christ.

The group is said to have gone to the Whole Bible Believers Church in Ondo Town in April this year after being told to expect the second coming of Christ by one of the pastors, according to media reports in the western African nation.

The worshippers, who included children who abandoned school after the announcement, were rescued after a woman raised an alarm after her children disappeared, saying she suspected that they were holed up in the church.

“Preliminary investigation revealed that one Pastor Josiah Peter Asumosa, an assistant pastor in the church, was the one who told the members that Rapture will take place in April, but later said it has been changed to September 2022 and told the young members to obey only their parents in the Lord,” Nigerian police press officer Funmilayo Odunlami was quoted by BBC as having said.

Police in the southwestern state have since arrested pastor David Anifowoshe and his deputy as investigations into suspected mass abduction continue.

Among those rescued were 26 children, eight teenagers, and 43 adults. The victims have been taken into the care of the authorities.

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Just bonobostes being bonobostes

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