72 Virgins Fantasy

The people of Paradise will eat and drink therein, but they will not blow their noses or defecate or urinate. Their food there will turn into burps and sweat like musk. They will be caused to recite tasbeeh and praise, as they are caused to breathe.” According to another report: “tasbeeh and praise as you are caused to breathe i.e., their tasbeeh and praise will be (second nature) like breathing.

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Look at the persecution of Christians going on right now in Nigeria. My heart is so vexed. This filthy religion has the murderous Muslims believing they will get 72 virgins each when they die? For shedding innocent blood? Remember that God is Just!



Allah Akbar …!!!

And that is why I keep saying here
A Good Islamist is a Dead One

Prime Minister Netanyahu and the IDF are doing this World a great Service
Pest Control … !! :rage: :hotsprings:

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Islamists belong to the grave. A disgrace to humanity.

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What do you say about this @Vicro

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The Clown is not going to say anything …
It is rather hard to defend anything so Backward , Stupid , Cruel and Criminal …

Shenzi Kabisa …
All these backward Islamist Paedophiles and their supporters in here … :rage: :hotsprings:

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