70% employment of locals in counties .

Isaac did not run on an ODM ticket, do not twist facts to suit your narrative.

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For once Parliament is doing the right thing

I said in the last thread that 2 wrongs don’t make a right. Just because your tribesman was denied employment in County X doesn’t mean we should deny other tribesmen work in County Y. If we continue this way, we are retrogressing instead of progressing. And will find ourselves where we were in 2007 ethnic cleansing.

Be mindful of what you wish for.


With all due respect Sir, we cannot keep talking about this “two wrongs don’t make a right” crap when others are openly discriminating against you simply because you’re a mungich. They must understand that whatever laws they come up with can also be applied in other counties. When a kikuyu is doing business in Luo Nyanza or wherever, no one is doing him a favor by “hosting” him there. This bullshit was started by Nasa losers, it only became an issue when Kiambu sought to do the same. Even in this thread, there’s more focus on Kiambu county than Kilifi. We won’t entertain this nonsense.
Wakipitisha sheria za kishenzi, sisi pia tunapitisha sheria za kishenzi.


My daughter you are wrong on the facts…who was the ODM guy!!!

Ngoja hapo tu. Let me whatsapp my Honorable MCA for further details.

Actually i have factual data from JICA and UNhabitat on this. It’s not 50% but it’s a high proportion. But you always disregard facts that I table here so it’s no use.

I totally agree with you we should say things as they are… Western counties do not hire guys from mt kenya and in the slight chance it does happen the complains that come through you would think someone has taken their birthrights… Sasa sisi when we do the same in a move to help our county locals ni shida??


The county assembly should not relent… On this we need to get our people jobs juu the politics peddled by those half baked leaders of nasa is guys from gema have taken pretty much everything making it had for us to prosper outside our counties… And it makes alot of sense for the locals to be given first priority


Right —tunajifanya wazuri ilhali kwa wenyewe tunaangaliwa kijicho.


Unfortunately the sheria is under scrutiny and not from any other but those you consider your own.What happened to us.Why do we want to please others when we are seeking what is rightfully ours,why is it that when we apply the same tactics applied by others we become questionable subject.I have come to learn that those who are pro-government in this village benefit from it directly and wouldn’t want anything that would stop the statusquo.

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Wait a minute. You mean wanaresist juu ya high school principal post? Mbona VC wa Jkuat ametoka Western? Juja in the heart of Kiambu county na locals wametulia tuli ilhali wakinyanyaswa proper na hiyo administration. Is the world upside down or what!

a comment by one Rastaman summed it up when he said majority of the youth in Central are lazy with no sense of ethics and he would rather give jobs to folks from outside. That means we are only good to go when queing to vote for Uthamaki. From there our usefulness gets outlived. Well we are now Woke


go to FSK Facebook page and you will experience the bile. From more than five hundred principals, one Kalenjin and Mr. Main as names are the only ones cropping up. We have to talk about these things

@Lucern you started this thread alafu ukazama chini ya maji? Ebu njoo hapa ujibu mashtaka.

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You are right on point.

Our fights/rants have to go to a different level. I want you to scream these extreme ideologies to my ear. In short inbox your digits we square this simple:)

Link or gtfo.

We don’t want a kawangware situation in Kiambu. And there is nothing as irritating as those self righteous bodies shouting 2 wrongs don’t make a right. So we share what we have but they take a hundred % of theirs? Waititu and your mca’s, Kiambu mashinani support you a 100%. If those companies locating there are only polluting air with no benefits to locals, then they should relocate to the localities of those they wanna employ

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Lavington used to source security from Kawangware, but before Kawangware became a slum it was once an open air field belonging to a school. Luhya guards were preferred by the owners of those big homes. That’s the conundrum we’re in today. Blame Fred Gumo too.