7 toxic masculine trait every Kenyan male should have..copied nice read


We normally say that if you want to hang a dog, first, you give the dog a bad name.

Masculinity is right now pinned on a bed and is being dismembered, limb by limb.

Young boys are being told to stop speaking up, obey, and stop being aggressive. In the west, urinals are being removed in boy’s schools and replaced with toilets. Boys, who are traditionally assigned the male gender because they have a penis are told that it is merely their gender at birth and that the little thing between their legs doesn’t make them male.

They are being encouraged to pee while squatting, like girls, and becoming a member of the alphabet community is incentivized.

In 2019, the American Psychological Association branded “traditional masculinity” as a mental disorder. Oneitis, which has made millions of men commit suicide and kill women who want to leave them, is still not considered a psychological disorder.

To continue, the male body is treated as hateful, and traditionally masculine virtues, like competitiveness, are branded as toxic masculinity. Everyone is given a participation certificate, and rankings are being eliminated to embrace egalitarianism.

Even as masculinity is being erased, below are six masculine traits men must maintain despite the onslaught.

    Being assertive largely means saying no when things are not going the way you want or saying no to ideas that aren’t congruent with your desires. Weak people accept things reluctantly or become passive-aggressive. Stand up for yourself and put yourself first. Speak up. Do not be afraid of conflict.

Being in control means taking the lead and providing leadership.
Decide where the date will be, how the monies will be spent, what investment decisions you will make, and so on. Women will tell you that being in control is an expression of insecurity, but they want men who can lead. Paying the bills is leading. Making tough decisions is leading.

That is why they elected Donald Trump, despite his scandalous reputation. They felt safe with him.

    Men have been told that their high testosterone has led to unnecessary wars, and they are therefore discouraged from being physically strong and looking masculine. They are supposed to be meek, agreeable, and pacified. They should not make anyone feel “unsafe.”

Just smile, remain invisible, comply, and nod like a zombie.
That’s BS. You should work out, be physically fit and strong. This will be observable in your physicality. A strong, fit man is attractive to women.

Such a man is capable of physical aggression and can therefore protect and keep a woman safe. A weak person cannot protect, and this is what makes obese men unattractive other than being unable to lay the pipe properly.

Learning some self-defense or martial arts skills is important to boost your confidence.

    This is courage and command presence. In dangerous situations, you should not be skittish, shy, or socially awkward. Look people in the eye. Stand with your shoulders back and your head up. Exude strength and positive, masculine energy.

Certainly, do not be reckless but should exude the idea that you can apply some level of physical force and aggression if it comes to it.

Peaceful men are not men who are incapable of violence but men who choose peace while capable of violence.

Being cowardly is not the same as being peaceful. Only the masculine essence can stand up to oppressive forces, as seen in point six below.

    You must be unapologetic about the decisions you make regardless of how the other person feels.

This is making yourself your mental point of origin.
This shows strength, decisiveness, self-belief, and firmness.
You can empathize and sympathize when people do not like your decisions.

But so long as the decision is congruent with your beliefs and values, that is what matters.

You cannot be wishy-washy and apologize for the decisions you have made, and you know to be true.

Women are attracted to men who have direction and who know what to do. That is why they are attracted to bad boys. Nice people defer to other people’s decisions and preferences.

They finish last.

Or in the shower.

    Say no to a woman behaving like a 304. Say no to cuckoldry, high-notch counts, and no to being disrespected and financial exploitation. Absolutely do not accept disloyalty or slavery.

26-year-old professional surfer Jonah Hill’s broke up with his ex-girlfriend Sarah Brady after she refused to take down a photo of herself feeling “beautiful and wholesome” in a bikini alongside her surfboard.

In retaliation, she shared screenshots of their private conversations about the matter, saying her ex was a narcissistic misogynist for asking her to take down the thirst traps. One of her followers responded, “I’m sorry you had to deal with such an insecure man. Those texts clearly show that it is ABUSE! sending love and wishing all the best for you.” Another wrote: “Those texts twisted my stomach up! I can’t imagine how you felt receiving them.”

One of the reasons Andrew Tate was targeted is because he encouraged men to have standards.

    We have pussified men who read UNPLUGGED with their heads on a swivel, looking over their shoulders, afraid of being caught by their wives.

There are men who go quietly as despotic regimes lord over their societies and get tyrannized by sadistic bosses. Many such men nurse depression and release their pent-up aggression on weaker people around them.

Men should stand up to resist such evil forces. Men must stand up for themselves, and it is men who can stand up to forces of oppression.

When men are quiet and spineless, power will be abused. Despots can only be stopped by men. Recall that when the Taliban took over Afghanistan, women and children were the first to be evacuated.
But when they denied women access to education, feminist forces globally complained passively about it but did nothing to stop it.

Only men can.

This is because only men can override our hard-wired self-preservation instinct and die for values. Rather than jumping on lifeboats as the Titanic sank, men offered space for women and children because they believed in dignity. They died in the icy water.

    In the new world order, men are being told it is okay to cry. It is okay to be emotional. Its okay to show your feelings. That to tell boys not to cry is toxic masculinity.

Advising men to listen to their emotions is dangerous and self-destructive. Emotional men commit suicide, get depressed and harm people around them.

Men should be stoic and non-reactive. Men should be rational, not emotional.

Responsible, not reactive.

Be rational. Leaders listen to reason, not emotions.

Get UNPLUGGED from the comforting lies and embrace the cold, hard truths.


Hii bullshit is too much to prove a point. Tulia Tu but if someone crosses you maliza yeye kibaridi iwe funzo kwa wengine. A thin guy can finish 100 muscular guys with brains

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Ona sasa.you can be thin and without brains too

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