7 dead in yet another mass shooting its another Asian


Chinku shooting spree America can turn anyone crazy


Social anomie, is what we used to call that kind of phenomenon pale class ya political sociology

Damn. A 67 year old CHINESE man kills 7 people at different locations and then turns himself in. What is this world coming to? Chinese are the calmest people I know. By the way it was a Marijuana farm and a mushroom farm so maybe he was under the influence.

Hapa I disagree kabisa.

Calm and Chinese don’t go together.

Ironically in Asia, the Chinese are considered to be the most loudest and uncouth people.

Enda pale Thailand ama Japan and ask who is the most hated tourist. Utashangaa sana…

@Simiyu22 amekaa na hawa watu sana he will tell you.


This is accurate. Japs dislike them kabisa though I’m happy the chinks are kicking them in the teeth for all the atrocities Japan committed against the Chinese over the centuries.

@TrumanCapote has only interacted with wale Chinese wa construction site. They are loud and very arrogant, especially towards Black people. One time I almost clocked one in the head, jamaa was kunjiaring me his face. And he’s lucky coz I can contain my emotions, another dude would have dropped him.

And let’s not forget Chinese are extremely racist. Afaa a white man. My nieces used to have Chinese friends in school, the mother told them Blacks are like wild hogs and wouldn’t allow them to visit. A classmate of mine married a Chinese, the family (dad, mom), declined to acknowledge the Union.

I did not know this. The ones I have interacted with were very polite and respectful.