6M imprest for cleaner Vihiga Cowntey

Hii watu watatumalisa

Hii sio nyama ni truffles cc homo @Web Dev

They must be funny with their designations in Vihiga if T/Officer in the ministry of Trade and Industrialization is a cleaner…Last I checked a T/Officer in that Ministry was a Trade Officer. i however wonder too to what purpose he would need shs 6.7 mill for as outstanding imprest unless they were holding an event…

Wachana na cleaner aclean account ya kaundi banee

is an mprest given to an individual or department

Question is why a cleaner is signing on behalf of anyone whether it’s department or ministry. Hii tu ni pesa yao. Anyway since its opposition don’t expect an outcry, ni wakati yao ya kukula. Corruption is only for government. If that cleaner had his last name as Ruto, this would have been headline news and the spin would be how they are related.

This is money that was to be return to treasury for not being utilized but the hyenas had a different idea.

Huyo mkamba wa accounts na mjua sana. Drives a fleet of mercedes benzes and has just completed building a mansion. Sisi hukunywa na yeye Boyani The nest nikiwa county. Very corrupt fellow

kwani ni mimi sioni poa…ni wapi amesign ni cleaner?

You are right, that headline misled me.

Unganisha Mimi nipate contract ya private guards kwa hii county.

Hii hip county iko wapi ili pia mimi ni apply ama FAXE imeanzaaaaaaaaa

he hee…inakaa @pamba atasanya watu sana hii friday mpaka abebewe kwa mahabusu @introvert

Afande leo ni customer…

Ukichengwa tulia yangu ni typo error lakini ile yako na sudi yahitaji maombi na tata.

Sasa unaonyesha limited knowledge yako,Kabogo-is cleared to vye next election…Sudi-not cleared to vying in election whether ni inquest/inquiry/porojo/politics/deni

Sawa mukubwa,pews face mbili kwa bill yangu .

Pampers utapitia pipu lini ununue faxe

You’re right, the imprest is to a Trade officer not a cleaner however, it does seem strange that they guy is getting such a huge amount in cash. I doubt it’s for an event , as the government usually pays by check and through LPOs.
Reminds me of a gava accountant back in the day who ran a loan business on the side, he’d give out imprests to be repaid at interest, which he pocketed and returned the state’s funds intact. This could be a similar hustle or perhaps its the spanking new devolved corruption we fought so hard for .:D:D:D