688 new cases, gatheca ironing his shirt.

Kamenuka! Papa was in quarantine before succumbing to covid, he had diabetes too.

Elders Kamenuka.

Wacha kitenge ipigwe pasi.

He popularized Jalang’o, Otoyo, Njoroge, Wilbroda, Awinja and many other artists. Rest in Peace Papa Shirandula.

Ameitisha Ile iron inawekangwa tumaji

He brought people up, a cheerful fellow. May he travel safely on his way.

These cases are too many and those calling the figures fake news will be in for a rude shock. Govt must come in and protect the people. Wearing your mask at an individual level yet the majority of the population ain’t reciprocating can never help anything. It’s zero work. Individual survival is pegged on all of us having common sense and adhering to the rules, all of us.

Waah, this Corona thing is stressing me bana. It keeps getting worse everyday.

@sure sure

This is serious, can someone get the bottle away from konyagi to come n lead.
We almost leaderless

Kenyans want the fast lane to the afterlife, you will get into mortal fights if you try to force them to wear masks on the nose as opposed to the chin

heard govt halted testing…ama ni fake news kama za @digi kihìì

Wewe Sokwe ghaseer, gvt has gone Tanzanian way. Leta odds za leo, betway

Burnley win 2.3

Middles borough win 3.00

Blackburn draw. 3.

Sassuolo win 2.00

Cummulative 36 odds

Stake 1000 =36k - 20%chieth = 28800

Na usambaze chai don’t be greedy

After police beating the shit out of civilians in the name of controlling corona, they’re still surprised people aren’t following the “rules”. Wewe vaa mask yako na u-sanitize, leave the rest of us to make our own choices. Ghaseer.

Watu wamesafiri mashinani

It will end tea-rs

Hakuna cha gava, we need to now police ourselves. Lockdown haiwes saidia

Na hizo figures ni za wapi?

jaribu io


Hiyo bodo itakuja kuwalambisha chini