60% of SGR is not fit for human consumption-Kiunjuri

So we paid for maize with aflatoxins. From Uganda. This country sijui tunaelekea wapi. Looks like failed state to me. Now after paying cartels, we have only 40% fit for human consumption yaani our Strategic Grain Reserve is below 50% of the target, if drought hits, those stocks will be depleted in no time. Kenya! Kenya! Kenya! Is all I can say.

Kwani how many SGRs are there in this country…([SIZE=2]couldn’t draw tongue in cheek)[/SIZE]

Farmers have their stocks… But are not willing to release with such market prices. This is the results of government intervention in market economies.

kiunjuri ought to be hunged.

Karibu ata mimi niulize, yaani tumeanza kula SGR, kumbe ni mahindi.

Kshs.9 Billion has already been used to pay for maize thats unfit for human consumption, the shelf life is 24 months, but maize purchased in the last 12 months is already spoilt. What gives? Maybe the maize was no good to begin with. So there goes another 9Billion down the drain, we’ve not even finished paying for the stock we have at NCPB silos.

What came to mind :smiley:

You see as Ive been telling you the government itself is a cartel, is a marketforce. I want to make money and Im Loot All I ensure Govt subsidizes ABCD then my sister is the main supplier,she is paid before the spoilt maize even lands. And nobody can point a finger at me bcz El Presidentes sis also ‘offered’ some Health services/equipment for Kshs 5 Billion. Artificial marketforces to make money for cartels in gover. Its not Kiunjuri ,was Kiunjuri there when Kibor become a billionaire by working these maize subsidies???

This is the third year sonce I started paying attention that wameannounce ‘X% of maize is unfit for human consumption’ then soon utaskia story za low levels blah blah blah hatimaye ni mambo za imports.

It’s Hanged, you think grammar is a motherfuckin game?

Izo mahindi zineza tupwa kweli?

grammar my friend, has never put a roof over my head, fed or clothed me, neither can grammer fuel my car nor get me pucci.

That right there sums up this debate. Come to think of it, when there is a maize glut, keyboard warriors like @TrumanCapote are all over the place pressurizing the govt to buy maize at prices pulled out of their asses intead of letting the market set it’s own price. When there is shortage, they are all over the place asking which govt leaves it’s people to hunger. Yaani maafakas are experts in everythang!

Hapa ni kucheswo tena ati 60% ni mbaya…watuonyeshe vile they will destroy it or else kama kawaida tutasahau tu na maisha iendelee. Tano terror na mshahara hatujalipwa.

Please quote me. Who doesnt know how Kenyan Govt Cartels work. There are no subsidies to benefit the citizenry in Kenya ever! You dont need to be an expert, even Achesa a sports expert knows how Kenyan economy works.You create an artificial shortage in collusion with other industry players like Millers, then you cite the need for subsidising, then Cartels import and benefit from the subsidies. Sio mahindi pekee yake,sugar, fertilizer, even milk powder, a keyboard warrior has as much power over Govt Cartels in Kenya as does an ordinary Kenyan. The Kenyan Govt Cartels do whatever they do for personal benefits ONLY. Its very simplistic of you having grown up in Kenya to blame anyone besides Kenyan Govt Cartels for our economic woes. Our stock market, our sugar/paper/maize/ textiles/milk industry function as an oligarchy, its an artificially molded to benefit the cartels. Let us not mix issues please, there is nothing like market forces in Kenya,its artificially created market forces. How else can you explain how books coming from Kenya cost like 200 bob in Rwanda while in Kenya the same book costs 700 bob ?!!! Boss am not the enemy coz am sure you are not a beneficiary of these cartels. You see Kagames administration is a regulator, not a competitor who is using his political power to make their economy an oligarchy. He is exploiting DRC to build Rwanda. Kenya here, Govt cartels is competing with its people and using its powers to skew the playing field to be to their benefit. Thats not a normal market,thats an artificial market, a manipulated market,so there is nothing like free market economy in Kenya,what we have in Kenya is an oligarchy.

Oya, reach husband’s wife, title is misleading…100% of SGR is unfit for Human consumption…maize on the other hand…

I agree with you totally. And it’s true, where market forces operate, the economy is able to stabilize itself, not only in terms of prices, but in all aspects. Now, the only problem I have is with us the hoi polloi, whenever the cartels create the so called shortages, we are the loudest in calling out the govt, and in so doing, we are aiding them cartels in their evil plans. That’s my beef.

What are our options? Beggars cant be choosers.

SGR here means Strategic Grain Reserves Duffus…

How about we shut up and leave the collective anger of the masses to boil, then one day - and I hope it is during my lifetime - we will rise and eat the haves. The French revolution will look like child’s play. Lakini hizi forced za kina Boniface Mwangi na Miguna Miguna will not take us anywhere.
Tell you what, during the 07/08 PEV, watching on TV and listening to the radio the atrocities that were being visited upon my people, I felt an anger rising, and thoughts started forming in my mind about how I will take my family to shags and join the frontlines. Nobody told me about that, it was just like my grandfather and other freedom fighters of the 40’s and 50’s felt that enough is enough.
That time is coming!