60-80 yo having the best sex

Damn. Still having sex at 80? Mimi already men are like women to me. I can’t sustain attention for them bcz kwanza if it’s a black man, I am already expecting the worst and if they do not live down to my expectations,Im like he’s pretending to be a good man. Either way I am usually honest with them that I won’t have sex and I am having kids for junguus only. Of course men my age have so much baggage that they are usually just amazed at how clear I am about what I want and nothing sways me. It’s a good change for them to actually meet a woman who is in control of her life and keeps to her principles. It’s an orgy out there. People who don’t have sex are the exception. I took my adopted son to Tratorria over the weekend to eat some Italian food and he told me that his peers were pressuring him to have sex and I was like don’t you dare. As your mother I forbid you.

When you are not driven by emotions you won’t end up with a chimpanzee child you never wanted bcz sex is the easiest way to get pregnant. So it should be very clear that you don’t want to have kids by a black guy. So you will abstain to avoid the risk of getting a chimps child. I don’t understand why sex is so important to people anyway, you just want to mess around with your emotions and your good health. But hey listen to my fellow senior citizens.


sheboon kuma yako ni baridi .Having sex with you is like fucking a cup full of ice cubes

You should have been born a man.

Someone told my mum ati that one is a man. I don’t know why getting entangled in nonsense that doesn’t serve you in any way makes me a man. In this country the government is screwing you, the church is too, like how much can one human take? Then you are again allowing men to screw you? My fren that’s too much. Since you can’t avoid the government screwing at least you can avoid the rest bana. Be lucky to see 80 eating GMOs.

Mbwa hii bado hujazaa half baboons? kazi ni kujaza server na shonde. :meffi:

Sisi bleks ndio tuko. Wouldn’t mind revving your fallopian tubes back to life

My grandfather once told me that he enjoys sex at 80 more than he used to during teenage and early 20s and 30s.

Experience comes with age … :D:D