6 rapists walishwa copper na Hessy wa D

Morning darling, this morning am slow, fangi iliisha jana usiku na peddler amezima simu

but inakaa kufire shot moja tu halafu areload tena


Inaonekana hajawahi kupitia mikono za waizi

Heri jambazi 100x kuliko D minus cops. There are some good ones but majority are beneficiaries of corruption.

That is not how the world farm works son. If you must be a criminal, join the big white collar shenanigans.

Umeuwa ngapi afisa?

How can you say that in a thread where police killed robbers who had robbed and raped yet you are a woman? Smh!!

Boss, this thing works! There was a rule kwa forces that ukipointiwa kitu yoyote that resembles a gun just cooperate.

I can smell the blood from here

Jambazi atakuuwa juu ya phone na wallet but polisi ataitisha kitu kidogo

As a woman you should not be condemning the police for deadening the rapists. Najua you won’t pop a champaigne if some niccur forced his mucakwe into your nyash, though you are allowed to correct me if am wrong.

The law is the law, everyone should get due process in a courtroom. Right now as it stands, the poor are executed without having a fair trial while the rich kill with impunity and walk scot free. I’m not excusing their crime but this open killing is barbaric and cheapens the sanctity of life.

We need to have strong judicial systems that will outlive us for generations to come. The corrupt police should never be granted the power to be the judge, jury and executioner. One day it will be your turn staring down the barrel, that day you’ll pray the law will be on your side.

Ps: Stop reasoning like a cockroach, being a woman has no bearing in this argument.

Negro ikikula copper huko kwenu, unasema ati black Americans huwa na kiburi ndio maana wanauliwa, but ikifika ni hapa unadai ati wafanyiwe due process; kwani wa dandora hawana kiburi?

That one shot is all a thug needs to end you.
Bonokos are not meant for a shoot out.

You are an idealist, there are many poor people who do not resort to stealing to survive.

nugu ilibleach inajionanga ligi moja na hao jungu wa uko

Kitu kidogo has turned into a tsunami of rampant corruption that protects murderers, thieves and threatens to drown the entire republic.

Ujinga wako unapita mipaka sasa. Are you also saving stupidity at 70%

Shouldn’t that be the goal? Let’s dream big bana, I’m tired of always “making do, getting by and hanging in there.”