6 Bonobo habits blacks need to stop instead of blaming the white man for all their problems

  1. Kuzaa ovyo ovyo
  2. Kuchapa watoto
  3. Lateness
  4. Sanitising criminals
  5. Stupid voting patterns
  6. Praising obesity

These problems extend to both black Americans and Africans with only slight variation

  1. Screaming Jesus will save us

I agree with 1,2 ,3 and 6.

Obesity is a class problem.

For white people it is, but many older Africans equate having a kitambi with being “healthy”. Dumb fucks

Never taking responsibility for anything.

Hapa hatuwezi kubaliana. This is the beginning of the making of a soft society, a society without character. Sisemi uchome mtoto kwa pasi but apatane na slipper akiwa naughty au akikaidi maagizo.

  1. Kuchapa watoto hiyo ni tricky kuacha. If you don’t cane a black kid, he will grow up to be like @Mzee mzima akuje kugongea mama yake mlango usiku akitoka rave. We don’t have the social infrastructure that discourages a black kid from sinning hence the necessity to use slippers/belts and other methods of disciplining brats.

  2. Stupid voting patterns are a universal problem, not necessarily a black problem. Collectively, all races are stupid voters. It doesn’t matter who the individual voters in an election are, collectively, they will always make a dumb decision.

Nakubaliana na wewe hizo zingine.

Kabisaaa. This is exactly what i wanted to point out. Hapa ndo utapata watoto wa 14 years washaanza kuchoma nywele, kuweka taka taka kwa maskio and turn faggots. Worst of all wataanza kujibishana na wewe kama age mates wenzao


2 hapana, we should discipline our children both through the mouth and the stick
4 a recipe for extrajudicial killings. A better way would be to support our law enforcement people and to sanitize the courts. Though these are majorly lacking in our countries so it’s a tough call.
5 applicable worldwide. Suffrage(and democracy) is a difficult concept since nobody is ever satisfied. If Kenyans and Africans in general were having this problem alone then there would’ve been no Bolosonaro in Brazil.

Beating children has been shown to lower IQ. Why do you think most schools have stopped it nowadays?

Kuchapa watoto is a no no no. There are many ways to send the message thru. And various punishments that do not require a beating.

Why is there no class of East Asians which is fat? Take some bloody responsibility, no one is forcing junk food into black people’s mouths, you always have a choice! And this culture of people like @rexxsimba claiming obese women ‘wamebeba’ or that guys with kitambis are somehow well off is the bonobo reasoning that is to blame

My two cents kuchapa mtoto will bring more animosity than good result overtime. Support a child in good practices and teach them well,If you have a good relationship with a child as a parent it is better than always fighting and throwing around abuses.

That would make a good kid.Example get them to tag along in good hobby’s you like and engage in their schoolwork.Always keep them engaged in good practices. Make them love it and there you have it parenting.

Good parents(mostly-most Whites)tend to do this,Most African parents leave their kids to discover the world by themselves.Many Asians are just too busy for their kids.And Indians tend to keep kids in the family business.


Children upbringing its where Scandinavian countries surpass the rest, with few criminal cases.

Love your kids unconditionally, and give them positive affirmations as often as possible.

Spend time with them and involve them in some of your activities.Teach good morals by words and actions,they learn by observation.

Involve them early in religion to instill the fear of God in them.This will come in handy with dealing with peer pressure in teenage years.

Watu kama Moses Kuria ni kama hawakutandikwa wakiwa wadogo.


Haujaambia @Mzee mzima poa,nikiambiwa hivyo nahakikisha nimejinyonga kesho yake.