Forget that 40% liquor you’ve been drinking, that’s like grape juice compared to these heavy weights. Here in Kenya the relevant Alcohol Agencies may have regulated the alcohol content at say slightly not above 42% ABV. However, this does not necessarily apply with drinks manufacturers around the world. Here are some of the six strongest alcoholic drinks known and consumed by people all around the world.



Everclear a grain spirit is considered the world’s strongest alcoholic drink. It can contain upto 95 % ABV. It is manufactured and sold by the American spirit company, Luxco. It is colourless, odourless and tasteless. In other words, don’t drink this one.

Good ol’ Sailor Vodka


This is a less known vodka; commonly produced and consumed in Sweden. Some of it may be bottled from 38% ABV, but they do have a different version that is bottled 85% ABV. A few shots of this and you’re on the floor.

Bacardi 151


This is very strong rum from Bacardi brand, with 75.5% ABV. The bottle usually comes with a stainless steel-like fire arrestor. The rum is good for cocktails like daiquiris and Cuba Libre’, however, you are warned to space out on the number of cocktails you have.

Stroh Rum


One of the oldest forms of Domestic Rum from Europe, Stroh is Austrian rum bottled at 80% ABV and is much stronger drink than the Bacardi 151,They come spiced and you are advised not to sipped it straight away, however, you can mix and make punches and flaming cocktails out of it.

Devil Springs Vodka


A very strong spirit bottled at 80% ABV. It best consumed in a cocktail mixed with juices or ginger ale, you are advised not to down the drink as shots. It can be used well in flaming cocktails.

Balkan 176


This is the strongest known Scandinavian drink; it is has 88% ABV and it’s from the eastern part of Russia. This is the kind of drink you mix up at a cocktail party where people are acting all stiff and rigid. Its bound to loosen up anyone!

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i think all alcohol will knock one out depending on the amount consumed…they all do at some point…

What’s the point of drinking till you KO anyway?
Drinking alcohol should be a leisure time fun activity not punishment.

Alikua anashow @uwesmake how to KO girls and dry fry them.

most of these are mixers ingredients,pointless to drink it solo,liver damage will be excruciating

LEISURE=KO, if u dont KO u are missing 2 points Leisure and Fun:D

Wapi Jugdaniels ya burak

hio EVERKILLER ntapata wapi?

Kuna gilbeys ya 47% huwa tunaangusha watu wawili na kuitisha ingine but ya pili huwa haiishi

Hio ya 95% hapo Nairobi west mall tukiweka kwa meza itakwisha and yes maana ya kunywa Ni kulewa ndio uwache uruke all over .:D:D

Aje sasa Si hii unaeza fikiria Ni maji ukunywe yote


That moment you thought of your friends inviting you to “a Jack Daniels” party . :smiley:


I don’t drink so I can’t relate

Hehehe omwami tangu uache pombe unajiskia Pope sana

Hiyo STROH tume kunywa. Just opening the bottle is enough to make the entire room stink of alcohol. Buddies misbehaved really badly after consuming it. Breaking stuff, fighting, peeing on the kitchen floor etc.

Ukinunua hizo ni kama kununua petrol…ukikaa vibaya inaignite

Yeah, alcohol is like poison, you can even die from drinking (intoxication). My life is very in touch with alcohol because my grandfather was a big alcoholic. He has used to drink for a day at least on bottle of vodka. For him it was like water, it was very difficult to help him to stop drinking alcohol everyday. But at the end now he is not drinking no more. From my experience I can say that most dangerous drinks are mixtures of alcohols from them you can really have a bad trip.

Hii Everclear is it available in kenya …if so where

Ushai kunywa best?