6.5 ft fellows

Most of the beds and mattresses in the market are 6*6 max.
How do very tall (or is it long) people sleep?
Don’t they feel tired of curling themselves like dogs all night?

This is an idle mind

You dont need a bed to sleep. Hakuna usingizi tamu kama ile ya kulala chini. Infact sex is more enjoyable when done on the floor.

Kuna mattress 77 hata 86

He said MOST. Correctly so.
And it’s true cz I remember one time we had a guest from Murica at our diggz.
So the guest bedroom had a bed ya kawaida Sana 5*6.
The nikker was a towering 6’5 and we didn’t have prior info about his physique. It was a bit awkward as I welcomed him nikajua usiku ukifika atajiingelesha. We apologized though and he took it easy.
These things happen.

They will sleep diagonally as @tall mnyama everywhere hulala

Hiii ni idea kali sana. You could make a killing selling oversized mattresses in South Sudan if only the locals would calm their titties and form a functional society.

Sema hutoshi bei, tembea pale Slumberland.

You can make an order and get a custom bed and matress made specifically for you. I usually sleep on the normal bed a 3.5*6 but since am 6’4 miguu hupita kidogo but mi hujikunja kidogo…

Hii debate tulimaliza September 18th 2019

Alaskan king size kama ya @Abba

@Malong yor Saidia huyu ako na swala nyeti

Msee wewe ukiingia gym na hiyo height yako si utakua kama kina Brawn Strowmann. Wacha niache kukupiga masweeps juu ukinipata in real life manze utanimaliza

Umesahahu usingizi inapatanga mtu kwa kiti…hii huniweza na nikipanda kwa bed inapotea :D:D

Kumbe wewe uko na diminished stature,unatukana ma giraffe.

Niukweli ma midgets wanakuaga na hasira 24-7?:D:D:D:D

I’m a six. I ain’t no midget

Hadn’t seen the thread

Very few people know about the special orders for mattresses