5GB for 39 bob throttled?

Is it just me or speeds of the 5GB for 39 bob seem to be massively throttled?
Previously I used to do up to 1.2mbps from where I currently am. However in the last few days speed has dropped considerably. Barely doing 100kbps. It’s actually oscillating below 50kbps. Ni maneno ya tax imeanza kua ngumu or what is?

Mbona matusi?

Lol. Peasant hii ni net ya wapi hii?

Haha… Telkom

Exactly what am noticing. Hii dishonesty ndio Safaricom wanaumia nayo sai.

I think this is exactly what saf are doing about the 50/- 2gb in one hour. You can barely use 200mb. Pure conning!

Haiya, which network ni cheap hivi

Watu wa mbugua tusimame wapi

Wizi kabisa, nilikuwa nataka kudownload a movie ya kitu 3.5 gb. I bought this bundle, started the download and slept. In the morning it had downloaded only 700mb

mimi juzi iliniserve vizuri, downloaded kitu ya 4GB mpaka ikabakia ya kunyonga bishop asubuhi

Safcon na GOK have similar behaviors, they steal from the people they are supposed to serve wherever and whenever they can.

No wonder all the fraud claims against Safcon are not investigated.

Bishofu si atakufa sasa

In other words watu waache kuishi groundfloor surrounded by tall buildings everywhere

niliona ni kama ulikuwa unataka kunitaja



Hakuna Jameson inauzwa being ya keg.

punguza bangi.

yangu iko fine ndo nafika 4.5GBs for the day, probably depends on the location

Kwani we ni caretaker?

I also found out once that that Telkom night bundle sometimes throttles torrents.
Lakini normal downloads using IDM in particular are fast.