5G and covid19

Got this from a man of God i trust. Read it.

“Don’t think what is happening right now has to do with a virus. It’s not a virus. The world has chosen to be deceived. As they have been deceived many times before."

"This is not the Pandemic. Question where did the other ones go? No one is asking. I have asked the question, ‘Where do viruses come from?’ They are not found in nature, it means they’re created.

I’m trying to let you know the reason you’re in your house. I call it a global seige."

"What they don’t tell you is that your body can be connected. Did you know that once that happens you can also be controlled as your devices are controlled.

Meaning that signals can be sent to your brain, your brain can be controlled. Once that happens you are no longer yourself. The idea is controlling the new race.

So since they can’t vaccinate everyone, they started vaccinating children and raising them that way."

You wanna know what’s going on in the world?

That’s what the groups that are interested in the new world order are up to, to put vaccine in your body containing a digital ID, by which you as a human being can be controlled, you seize to be yourself.

To achieve the vaccination, they using 2 things:

  1. They created a pandemic (Covic19) in order to create fear and panic.

  2. They use internet of things (IOT), and created 5G (people can easily embrace it), which causes health issues, but you wouldn’t know cause they made you love the high internet speed.

Both strategies lead to achieving their initial plan, vaccination with digital ID.

If these groups were not hiding anything,…

  1. They forced everyone to stay indoors (aka quarantine/lockdown), but they have people busy installing 5G connections outside.

  2. Why do they get angry when others express opposite views. They taking down their websites and posts. E.g 1. Youtube deleted many videos expossing this conspiracy, 1 by former Vodafone boss. E.g 2. Facebook deleted post by Brazil president exposing their plans.

There is no virus that is natural its man made or accidentally created
Failed Plandemic.

If you still don’t yet know what is going on, know today; it’s not about the Corona virus. This is basically a group of people serving a devilish cause trying to checkmate humanity to hell.

Don’t be ignorant, neither silent. This isn’t a time to seat on the fence because there is no fence. This isn’t about religion because as you can see, there isn’t one either. It boils down to two options: Life or Death.

We are still in the age of the Church and the antichrist cannot advance his plans yet. The Bible is clear that after the Rapture of the Church, the son of perdition will be revealed. Brothers and sisters, this isn’t a time to play with Christianity. Give your life to Christ now while you still can because these things will happen, but after the Church is raptured.


First open Wikipedia and read the basics about viruses. Whether they are living organisms or not. How they reproduce etc. Do your own reading. For Christ’s sake do your own reading, widely. Read a lot of journals. Stop regurgitating other people’s opinions all the time. Religion is for intellectually lazy guys who cannot form their own hypothesis.

Actually viruses do exist in nature.
Why do people, especially most religious people, allow to be deceived by these so called men of God?

This guy sounds naive, illiterate and cheaply seeking attention.


No no no…I really wouldn’t not buy such vibe being peddled around…

The Internet is a wonderful resource …
Learn to utilize , understand and process facts and information therein in the correct way …
But beware …
Lurking within it are also a lot of “experts” peddling all manner of falsehoods - wolves in sheep skins …

… " … Ye Shall Know Them by their Fruit …" …

Give me good evidence that shows the origin of virus.

I won’t waste precious time digging out for you information that you can conveniently gain at the tap of your phone.

Which man of God is this you quoted?

Not all men of God are truly what they say they are.

I asked you that question because i have done my research

viruses are submicroscopic infectious agents that naturally occur in the environment, infecting all types of life forms.
the first viruses were discovered in the 19th Century.
~And this is from Wikipedia, the most accessible source of information.
shows you’ve done no research

the same wikipedia says , Viruses are found wherever there is life and have probably existed since living cells first evolved. The origin of viruses is unclear because they do not form fossils, so molecular techniques are used to investigate how they arose. In addition, viral genetic material occasionally integrates into the germline of the host organisms, by which they can be passed on vertically to the offspring of the host for many generations.
So scientists are only coming up with different hypothesis to explain the origin of a virus

How can 5G exactly cause covid-19??
kukosa akili ni kitu mbaya walai…

:D:D:D:D:D…if corona is caused by 5G technology , explain why corona is occurring in Africa …I will wait

there is some connection in whatever you have put accross. Kindly make google your friend search ID2020 and watch listening carefully what Bill gates said during TEDEx show (i believe in 2015) on youtube