55 Inch TV Is Suddenly Too Small

While growing up TVs were 14 inch and for the rich it was 21 Inch TV. Brands such as Panasonic Top Dome, Philips and Sony ruled back in the day, Samsung and Goldstar (Later rebranded to LG, Lucky Goldstar) were still around but were for the down trodden.

Today Samsung rules and they supply OEMs displays to other manufacturers around the world. My 55 Inch TV now seems outdated and tiny with the influx of UHDs of 90 and 100 inches.

In the coming years maybe we’ll have OLED embedded onto our retinas for permanent access to the web

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You’ve clearly not seen a 90 or a 100 inch screen. 75 is already too huge why would you think of going past that? Unless you’re living in a 50,000 ft house?

I am not going for the 90 inch, I am just saying.

My 55 inch Samsung…

Reminds me tukiwa watoi how kukipikwa chapo kwenu ulikuwa unaenda kuringia wengine.

Going past 65 inch is madness. Those days when the whole clan used to squeeze themselves in a room and watch tv are slowly passing by. With smart tvs kids can watch what They want in their rooms.

Stop this madness please. This is another typical @Sambamba thread in tech section. Educate yourself first before posting. Recommended TV sizes rely on viewing distance! There are some small rooms where a 55" is too big! And a 32 is a perfect fit for superb viewing. I know you live in a bedsitter. So how comfortable will you be moving your head from right to left to follow some action on a 90" TV? Wacha usambamba.

And for your reference go read https://www.rtings.com/tv/reviews/by-size/size-to-distance-relationship

I thought LG was short form for Life’s Good.

Life’s Good is just their Business slogan. LG stands for Lucky Goldstar

Ujaruo utawamaliza jameni. I can’t buy a TV that’s bigger than 42"

Nunua short throw laser projector and your worries will fizzle out. Wakitoa ya 120,wewe uko 130

Limitations za projector ni resolution otherwise hata 300 inches ni possible lakini pixels will be enlarged to the side of ice cubes

One aspect that projector greatly fails in ni brightness. It just can’t match a TV’s and everyday you have new TVs with higher brightness coming out

Its a short throw buda ,barely ten inches from the wall. Ingia pale art café capital,they have one, the zooming nilijaribu works different from the kawaida projectors

Again more misinformation from you. Short throw projects can even do better 4k images than some TVs. Pixel density is not even a problem labda useme back levels. When 8k becomes common place most people will go for projectors.

Hiyo ni ultra short throw

Wacha wewe. A short throw will do 1080P on a 200inch

What is the lifespan of the lamp vs lifespan ya TV screen. Projector ikianza kubadilishwa lamp ni as good as dead, quality is never the same

Since when did projectors start becoming alternatives to TVs? They have their place and do their job very well.

Projectors and TVs serve different purposes and it doesn’t make sense to compare them