Good people,
Recently,I licked the 10K likes mark. All thanks to you. Thank you very much.
And @admin in his infinite wisdom gave me a bonus of 50KCr plus a dig as how he thought I got them (multihandle manenos)
Now,if you have been following closely,you would know that I hated this idea of monetizing the village from the get go.
Now,@admin is having the last laugh at my expence - giving me the KCr.
I will try and get one over him too.
I want to give the 50KCr to a Talker. Any Talker. No strings attached.

Just tell me why you deserve the 50KCr. And I will transfer them pronto,



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Nipe coz I can’t stand Deorro


But you want his ‘money’?

Tujulie peasants hapa. Hata mimi nina 50KCr naweza donate to charity.

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Yep. KCr haijaandikwa jina

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I am not donating to charity. Am giving them to a Talker. Simple. Wewe tsfuta charity case ukadonate huko…

Hii ni charity case

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ni aje ango na hiso KCr?

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Mimi ni charity na basket case, naomba…

Tulia nazo kwanza, nataka kuita mkutano ya kamitii tuchangie @xuma anunue mulika mwiss ingine…amezama sana na yeye ndie alikuwa mwalimu wa kisweli…


Tuanze kusumbuana apa ju ya 50 bob. Ka nazo


These Bamba10s seem to have brought a great deal of forked-tonguedness to the formerly civil vilage of Matopeville??

Ungepeana zako bila kupiga tarumbeta na kuwapa watazamaji vikwazo.

Ok, seriously I have never bothered or thought much about these Kcr things. So you mean 50 Kcr inakupatia a measly bamba 50?

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I think those KCrs need to go to @Chloe coz of her dumbness. She is kind of a diseases that does accept any cure no matter how much treatment is offered.


If Idi Admin scratches Bamba20 and feels very daring, 50 is a jackpot. The kind of riff-raff the ‘promo’ has been drawing!

Now @Scumpaka wants to toy with them, making them jump through hoops of fire and land on their empty heads. He likes the sound. :smiley:


Mi ata sijui Kcr venye hufanya kazi.

@Meria Mata is the de facto KCr hawker in the village.


Let’s izo Kcr Kwa villager @Amata kabua

Na unikamue ama nikukamue Kwa mkia as payback.choose one

The after thought does not count…