50cent documentary on p. Diddy


Can Combs sue for portrayal ama ni creative license in effect

50 specialises on others failures but he is a little bit more behaved when it comes to canal temptations

Hapa Kitui tuko nyuma ya Puff Ndandy.

Wanatakaa kuangusha uyo njamaa kwa sambambu he is a successful black man.

Hizo propaganda za sex trafficking ni upusss.

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He also keeps mentioning Jay- Z

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Nigga should have fought that 1st lawsuit. Just like Johnny Depp u drag ur accuser into the mud with u and force them to spend some money. Settling let the opportunists know it’s open season. Diddy may be an asshole coke head that loves some freaky arrangements but that doesn’t mean he is guilty.

Diddy is done. Hakuna venye watu watataka kufanya job na yeye.

Difference is Johnny Depp had overwhelming evidence. Alikuwa na video and audio recordings za huyo kunguru admitting to hitting him.
Diddy naye hana hio kwanza nyumba yake ilivamiwa by the feds. Feds wakitokea kuna high chance uko cooked.

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50 kilikuliwa baby mama mahali hapo kumbe :green_emoji: :green_emoji: :green_emoji:



Isn’t the story that Diddy also records everything? I think he settled coz the details that would have come out would have painted him in a bad light business-wise. Yeah, he did coke and had sexual peculiarities but that does not make him a criminal. Besides that ex of his was of age and at any time could have walked into a police station n reported him. Settling the case oppned a floodgate of accusers.

Only time will tell. Pia Epstein had recordings na bado alishikwa. Kwanza za Diddy zinasemekana ni za black mail.

Siwezi omba documentary Iko na gay porn. Nime wachia akina perdition na prophet