500 Tanzanians doctors on the way coming

Kenya Alerts:
TANZANIA AGREES to send 500 doctors to Kenya to help address medics shortage in the country and also mitigate effects of just ended strike.In my opinion it’s better that the strike is over, otherwise with this development some could have been rendered jobless in the government sector. But I saw last night KNH and other referrals’ doctors making fresh demands. What’s not happening… over to you

Siwes tibiwa na daktari wa Tz, siwes. Afadhali kufa.


Ujinga kweli ni kipawa, even when you are unconscious in your death bed you will still dictate things. Maybe you are putting it in your will as we speak…


bongo lala wacha kujiongelesha

Maybe they need to before it gets worse.


That’s a good idea.

Wacha wakuje, even before the strike their was a shortage of doctors. It’s should be expanded to UG as well but that is only after all doctors within have been exhausted.

They are witch doctors coming, elections /erections issues !

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something is wrong with our education system, who decided that only student who scored A can enroll for medicine. Now here we are with a shortage that will be filled by quacks.

What criteria do you want them to use. Enlighten us.

Tanzania has not employed 3 classes of med. school graduates, na saa hizo their doctor patient ratio is worse than ours.
Does this mean akina luther wataendelea kuteswa na counties coz. I’m sure hawa doctors will sign contracts for les than the 200k

You are already walking dead.

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