500 body count after marriage

Umalaya itawamaliza.


Bitter soul wishing they’d do that because they hate on their husband.


even a 10/10 normal woman won’t be approached not to say smashed by that number of men in a life time unless she is a direct pussy monger, because most men do not have the courage or under estimate their chances of scoring.

meffi takataka thread


When will you wake up to the fact that most of these are paid propaganda pushers paid to demonize the marriage institution, invalidate the Kenyan man and woman, and scare the upcoming generation from ever thinking of family? Sadly it’s working and girls as young as 19 are already seeing prostitution or lesbianism as acceptable options for them to get intimate with someone.




The last week one from She’s Kemunto wasn’t of married people. You can not defend everyone in marriage bcz you know very well that some are brothels. You know that statistics prove that there’s a lot of unfaithfulness in marriage in Kenya. NASCOP has noticed the abnormally high number of new HIV infections among married people.

Traditionally gey men and or sex workers are the highest demographic in new HIV infections. In Kenya, married people have a higher infection rate than that of gey men/men sleeping with men for those on the down low and sex workers combined. How crazy is that?

Its good to accept reality so that you can be helped. Sex workers and gey men are being helped with PEP and condoms and counseling but those hiding behind marriage and having raw sex left and right are getting infected quickly bcz of not accepting reality. Tabia yenu ni mbaya and the statistics prove it. Use cds and pep or catch the virus. These raw dogging a myriad of men or women is a recipe for catching STDS not just HIV some of these STIs lead to cervical cancer. Let’s be careful at least use a cd. You have kids to provide for, once you get this disease your kids will end up suffering.


Some do it to make more money for their families. Corporate horizontal climbing it is called. Ubaya yao is refusing to use cds.

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My friend, with the current generation marriage is not working, the problem is the women not men.I am married and am already contemplating a one way ticket to Gatamaiyu forest.
Gels Born between 1992-2000 ndio wanaolewa saa hii, wakaidi kama mkia wa mbuzi, Kichwa kama ya shetani! Btw if you have a woman in that age bracket you can even rule RUSSIA.


:boom: :boom:

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…hehe, or even become an opposition leader in Kenya or Nigeria. Shida kweli.

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Who funds NASCOP? Is a survey only done in Nairobi, with a sample size that reps less than 10% of the married population in Nairobi enough to conclude that the entire country is one big brothel?

Most in the said age bracket are yet to free their minds from the ‘ideals’ planted in them by toxic feminism. They have been taught that they can get both the freedom of a whore and the benefits of a housewife, something which we all know will never happen.

Bro, read posts slowly and understand before getting emotional and jumping to conclusions or denying empirical data from the government no less. So I hope you are well aware that since ARVs are supposed to be supplied by the GOVERNMENT of course funded by our development partners ,as such it must keep impeccable records particularly on new HIV infections.

Sometimes it is better to be quiet than display ignorance. What survey is done in Nairobi alone? There is no country in the world where married people outdo the gey community and sex workers in New HIV infections except Kenya.

Awhile back NASCOP tried to introduce condoms for married women in extramarital affairs. There was outcry, Kenyans refused to admit that married women also have mpango wa kado. NASCOP got this info during counselling sessions with married women newly affected. Of course many were infected by their spouses but a good number got it from various men they were having unprotected sex with.

There’s a very big problem in this country and in particular the marriage institution. Isn’t it scary that it’s easier to get HIV from a married person than a sex worker or a gey man? Hiding our heads in the sand won’t make it go away. Married people need to normalise using condoms during their cock or pussy hopping shenanigans.

Which are the benefits of a housewife? I am from a whole other generation and I have always known that housewives have the worst possible life, asking for money to even buy pads and being abused whenever they go begging for money.Eating githeri at home while their husband eats nyama choma and gets home with a tooth pick. Even the government has an institution for gender equity to move women into the workforce. It’s even in the sustainable development goals.

Men are tyrants and you only need to be a housewife to understand the truth in that statement.

Just take it easy and don’t be emotional when discussing these things. At times not being well informed is the enemy.

FYI there are various branches of feminism. There’s sex positive feminists and abstainent/asexual feminists. There is the prolife feminists and the prochoice feminists. Hope you know the difference. There is the legalise prostitution feminists and the abolish prostitution feminists. To mention a few. I may do a post for your information bcz feminists have become a universal scapegoat for everything that men don’t like nowadays about women . It’s like me blaming partrichy for FGM oh wait, partrichy is actually responsible for FGM.

Anyway we uza tuu mashamba intellectual pow wows aren’t your area.

What freedom do whores have? It’s hard enough to have sex with your husband, what freedom is there in being a whore? Bro you sounding more and more ignorant with every word that proceeds out of your mouth. Being a whore is slavery to men who objectify women into nothing but a sexual being when women are capable of alot more. This is why we have abolitionist feminists who say that the human body can’t be bought and sex can not be commodified.

@TrumanCapote just get married to calm your soul. You worry about married people too much. Follow them too much. , :grinning:


Not 500…at most 20. 5yrs ago i was taking two for the road at my then local on thika rd when 5 mamas joined my table. They were all teachers at a famous group of schools…and were all coming from some chama meeting. I later came to learn that all those women were married, some happily, some not and one in a long distance marriage. That night was the beginning of some very wild dangerous games which we only stopped a year later. The 6 of us lived dangerously…i only stopped after i learnt 2 of them were doing it to spite their men who had just been fired from their respective jobs. Guilt was killing me…and i also dont do married women so the discovery that they were actually married was the last straw.

Don’t be too quick to dismiss him. I spoke once with a guy employed by hizo NGO huko nyanza. He told me they cook hiyo data to show increase in HIV infections and this helps justify additional funding.
Some of this data is not always accurate.
Not saying NASCOP data is flawed just that hii ni kitu inafanyika

We single people live drama free lives. Married people have all the drama bro. Who else are we going to talk about? Do you really want to hear about our calm, relaxed, disease and drama free lives? I can tell you in 5 minutes but sit with a married woman, she can tell you her problems for days on end.

You guys are our entertainment. What can I tell you about a single person when I don’t even know what it’s like to have an STD?

You and your lousy, disease ridden marriages that you keep shoving in our faces, you will all die and live as single cell organisms coz sisi ni survivors. We are surviving in a world full of toxic married people. We survived men, they did not leave us with kids or STDS bcz we are serious survivors and masters of self preservation.

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