50 shades of Usiku Sacco

Dry spell and Insomnia. Mark register.


Usiku chema…

Usiku mwema ,gooner.

Time Stamp: 01:07
I am watching Fairly Odd Parents sipping on fanta pineapple then after that, off to bed.

hehe…great toon.
Fanta passion and mushy songs waiting for the sandman to pass by with my share of sleep.

Dry spell serves you right , you stood me up …

Anyway , went back to our locals, too many questions…


Boeing 847 kiamatawa express.
Wekea Mimi ndizi hapo mlolongo by six:D:D:D


Saitan! I am observing lent.

Sawa mboss…

Tossing and turning. Ningejua usiku utakuwa mrefu hivi ninge.import bana.

A nearby church has been blasting the night away with loud music and prayers.Who knows how I can go about to get NEMA to stop this nuisance?
People need to act responsibly especially those who purport to be religious.

Is that a refugee camp?

On ‘usiku Sacco’, who copied who ?


Kwani ‘Usiku Sacco’ is patented/Trademarked?

Reminds me of my first house in migadini…Friday to Early Monday morning.
Worse, their sound system and Public address was s horrible.

Kukosa usingizi when one should be resting… Up early na hungover.

Morning @pseudonym

Morning…umepotea sana boss.

Si vile ,nipo tu hii sonkoville … Tafuta wakati tuchome kambuzi

okay, will do. Happy sabbath day to you and famo.

Ahsante. Have a good one.