50 million per day

18.25 billions annually!

50 mirrion?
@uwesmake kuja hapa priss.

Vibrant economy. What is the expenditure on the Enabler utilities?

I spend 0 shillings on hookers daily

anko the economy needs you.


Kenya tinder is hooker paradise!

high disposable income.

I can believe this. Even twice the figure I’d still believe.

and how much do you use or receive?

The title is not good willed. it should be “men feed countless households in addition to creating at least 50million worth of jobs daily: Government promises better pay for men if trend continues”

could be true…Pale Easish i used to know about 10 different brothels each with over 20 lanyes. Men of all walks were busy walking in and out.

The oldest profession helps many Kenyan children eat and have a roof over their heads. Nothing wrong with that

Interesting times

Nairobi County claims to collect 7 - 10 million daily, and hookers 5 times that? Jokers!!

Do you want a portion of it?

Hiyo hata haitoshi budget ya Huddah Sidika na Makena from their reach sponsors.

Most statistics are usually lies made up in an office, I know the editor want to bring in interest to read the article… 50mil how? And if the case the population of all men of sexual age is about???.. 15mil so that’s about sh3.33 Bob a day…well that to me would be modest to say the least.

si basi kenya imejaa malaya

Legalise this “profession” then make it taxable i.e. expand the tax bracket…sio kuletea watu inflated bills za stima na taxes za umeffi kwa bei ya petroli.

K.R.A na sirkal wamelilia hapa.

nafaa niingie hii ligi ya kulipa maraya and change that number figure ikae higher kidogo