50 bob note

With this note scarcity, akina @Phylgee ,@Chloe ,have no other option than swallowing their pride. mbiachara lazima iedelee.

kumbe wewe ndio una-hoard tu-fifte ndio upige picha?

eeh nataka kwenda nazo pale gichobo nizitupe hapo.

*Gichobo - is a dumping site set aside for kasarani area residents:D

Njoroge promised new notes ,when, is relative

Ni wapi huko these Note currency inakuwa extinct :D:D

Tunazichoma na hatusumbui


Pare Zimmerman ama? Pitia hapo Valentines ndogo umese jug daniels ukiwatch game ya iran vs spain. Ikiisha usafishe mecho hapo nje na some fine ghels…

Ziwe replaced na coin

Ferk ferk ferk,how can you burn money

Inaoneka pia wewe ni mteja hapo.:smiley:

I was handed one recently as change and I flatly rejected it and asked for coins instead.
The thing was so worn out and dirty you could get a whole host of infections from it including Ebola.

I have a coin purse… I don’t take or keep old notes :slight_smile:
Unless it’s a 1000 old note… Which is rare :wink:

Hehehe…mara kwa mara. Hio ni kama home pub though ukiwa zimma home pub are countless and mirefi know each other coz hamuezi kosa kupatana.

Hongo ya barabara itapanda bei to 100

Askari polisi wa trafiki wamebania tu-finje