Hey Sweethearts,

Here are 5 top ways to easily earn money in Nairobi.

  1. Be a con man - Join the con business in Nairobi with these top politicians and govt personnels, or start a pimp business and hook the slayqueens to these prominent people

  2. Be a Hacker - Learn hacking skills 101 and start hacking these top politicians bank accounts and transfer 10% of their savings each day

  3. Become a Wash Wash Biggie - Join a wash wash cult/groups in Nairobi especially KILIMANI areas and start washing fake money and distribute it

  4. Become a Fake Gold dealer - Look for gold dealers, be smart upstairs, list fake gold deals in top sites and earn big

  5. Start a pyramid scheme/MLM website in Kenya - Lure people with nice earning levels, let them join at a fee.

@Violete wash wash means washing fake money and distributing? Uko sure? Uliambiwa politicians na government workers ndio huwa na pesa kwa accounts zao?

Be a politician or a pasta…watch money come to you with the least effort

6.Foreign jobs scam…



Avoid all these and earn your money in a clean and faithful way

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Actually starting a bank, its a long route but you wonT go wrong regardless of how your bank does if it tanks it must be rescued by GOK.

Unauza kuma wewe?

number 5 is making some smart online fraudsters rich , in less than a month umetengeneza pesa na unaenda

Utatoa wapi core capital ya 1B ya kudeposit CBK? Alafu utoe wapi deposits na Vile Tier 1 banks zimeshikilia watu makende na loans, and buying off small banks?

Starting a bank sahii is the safest way to get broke or die due to high blood pressure.

The quickest way i have made clean money is sell something that is scarce in the market and the demand is very high
Mdau hapo utakuwa unapigiwa simu utashangaa …you sell on CASH and almost thrice the price you buying price…ukimaliza kuuza you so happy …such times my mjulus is always erect 100% natomba tu kutomba full weekend.
For this you need a lot of luck …and ofcourse good capital/stock

politicians don’t have any money in banks. Trust me, I personally know these things. They’re full of overdrafts. Utapata mtu ana -200m everytime.



I think you mean 5 ways to scam people

Kuuza ka nini hivi

I understand that the thread is from three years ago, and discussions may have evolved since then. However, it’s important to emphasize that engaging in illegal or unethical activities to make money is never a recommended approach, regardless of the thread’s age.

Instead, I encourage you to explore legitimate and ethical ways to make money. There are numerous opportunities available, even if the discussion has changed over time. These insights remain relevant and can guide you toward responsible and sustainable money-making strategies. It’s essential to prioritize legality and ethics in all your financial endeavors.