5 replies per thread. It used to be 3 pages!

Admin do something to attract the people that have gone.
Okiya Langatkipro HotChocolate and MarishChick don’t even bother logging in.

It’s too early. Wacha negative energy

It is only pointing out the reality. What happened to this forum?
It seems only chiefmbitika, Micymas and johnpombe are keeping the place alive.

Enda senate ukitaka content. Hapa nikusafisha mesho

Hata hizo thread za cleansing eyes haziko. Digi and Rexximba walikuwa wameshikilia that department but they are mia

Am surprised you are still around bitching as usual.

Mzee I’m offering advice to admin. Do you want to see the forum collapsed? Already this thread imepita average replies per thread.

Tafuta 20k kwanza wacha kupatiana unwarranted advice.

Waturedio this is the person your are supposed to throw in the dungeon and throw away the key.
Sipendi watu wa ku complain kila wakati

ngombe hii post zako zote ni lamentations about Ktalk. Go get laid beech

they should pay for content

Hawezi nituma Siberia because ratio of real members to troll accounts with multihandles will just reduce. Si unajua captain shoga ako na more than 10 handles according to his own confession.

They could buy the forum is dying. The other admin Mundu Mulosi ni kama aliondokea

So then unatakaje?? It’s been ever since @chap was a toddler

@Electronics4u @administrator , you should have kept that rodent @patco aka @WIGSPLITTA aka @T.Vercetti in Siberia permanently he has practically fuckked the kijiji with his spamm and abuses ona sasa like today GENERAL section only has 4 new threads , watu wamechoka talkers inbox me how they are tired of patcos ways( look how many followers i have) but munafikiria ni jokes till kijiji dies ndio mutajua its real. angalia jana section ya S and Rltionships there were only four new threads. rein in that rodent and his other handles b4 its too late.

[SIZE=5]Masten Wanjala is from Kamkuywa Kimilili.[/SIZE]


hama then.

Thanks for the acknowledgement even though am relatively new on the forum.

Problem is a simple thread which you intend as a joke in Sony section is met with alot of negativity from certain individuals who seem to think their content standards are the SI unit.kwanza nv are met with alot of negativity.
Badass said smile at little kids here so that they may continue believing it’s a good forum and it will be so.

Patco is an old lonely man. Mtu hana anything better to do than create multihandles. Log in at 3:30am unamkuta logged in and trolling and you wonder kwani Mashoga huwa hawalali
This place was a lot of fun in 2018. Thanks to that old fool it has lost the greatness.