5 most embarrassing moments of my childhood



Not mine but my mom’s.one day while she was visiting my uncle at ngurubani in mwea,their vehicle broke down.

They reached at their destination at around ten pm, where they alighted,it was pitch dark and bushy,they were 3 of them and decided that since her brother’s home was the nearest, then they would spend the night there and the following morning,the other two would proceed to their destination.

On their way, they saw a group of people coming their way with torches. Their first instict was to jump into the bushes and guess what, they jumped in the middle of stinging nettle. Due to fear they had to endure till the group passed.

The most interesting part is that after reaching my uncles home,they were informed by the wife that,my uncle had in company of neighbours gone to pick her up.


such photos remind me of Flash Gordon…someone reach out and bring him over to the promised land

sijawai Cheka hivo!..waah!

nilikuwa klost bana ni tu venye nimekanyagia hiyo story

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Kumbe pia wewe ni kafisi umejificha kwa ngozi ya kondo.

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The guy’s story does not add up. Kwani those guys were rubbing their transformers on the stinging nettle plant?

Unless those coast men were peeing the same style women use to pee, there is no way a standing man’s transformer can come into contact with stinging nettle. Practically impossible


How will the penis rub on those plants? Unless someone is very reckless/drunk.

a touch is enough,ni hiyo majani bado ni mboga ya kuongeza damu

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I know those plants. Kuna siku closing tukiwa boarding majamaa waliamulia prefects juu ya utiaji. Prefects walingojewa market by form threes and form fours wakawekewa hizo plants kwa mgongo. Si hao watu waliumia.



the rumbling of your stomach saved your eyes…you would be walking with a white cane today. (Enough respect and sympathy to the blind)

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Thafai ndio mnyama gani?

ni uji yenye imekarangwo na kitunguu na mayai. Ikimwagwo inje inatoanga sulphuric base yenye huwasha macho.

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