5 African Countries With The Best Quality Of Life According To Business Insider / Numbeo Research

What are the African countries with the best quality of life? One most recent research has answered this question, presenting 5 African countries that performed best on the quality of life index scores.
As Business Insider Africa reported, the quality of life index measures living conditions within countries, using quantifiable yardsticks such as the purchasing power of the people and the quality of accessible healthcare. At 136.02, South Africa has the highest quality of life index score in Africa. Numbeo, a global provider of perceived consumer prices and other statistics, has conducted the research.
See below the list of five African nations with the best quality of life, according to Numbeo.
[SIZE=5]South Africa[/SIZE]
Cape Town, South Africa just after sunset, taken from top of Table Mountain.
Purchasing power index: 78.36.
Healthcare index: 63.97
Cost of Living index: 42.09.
Property price to income ratio: 3.07
Afrika, Nordafrika, Tunesien, Tunis Der Place de la Victoire mit dem Porte de France vor der Medina in der Altstadt der Tunesischen Hauptstadt Tunis. | Canva
Quality of life index: 114.56.
Purchasing power index: 27.83
Healthcare index: 56.54.
Cost of living index: 27.87,
Property price to income ratio: 11.75
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Quality of life index: 107.54.
Purchasing power index: 34.36
Healthcare index: 46.69.
Cost of living index: 33.83
[SIZE=6][COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]Kenya, Laikipia, Ol Pejeta Conservancy, Sanctuary Tambarare
Quality of life index: 92.54.
Purchasing power index: 32.18,
Healthcare index: 63.40.
Cost of living index: 33.92
Property price to income ratio: 24.24
[COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]Egypt[/SIZE]
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Quality of life index: 89.87.
Purchasing power index: 21.54,
Healthcare index: 47.01
Cost of living index: 29.52.
Property price to income ratio: 12.04


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True, most of the African leaders were shocked with Gachagua’s utterances that they were “oppressed” and left with “empty coffers”. In some countries having elections with Internet on is a luxury. In Ug, the military openly harasses the opposition. In Rwanda, Kagame is the law. In DRC, very few roads are tarmacked. All these leaders were in kasarani wondering why should a Kenyan complain in such a manner infront of distinguished guests…

What happened to Namibia. @LuandaMagere alituambia uko if you clear campus, gava inakurushia ata plot ya 1 acre kujenga nyumba. [SIZE=1]He forgot to mention that plot is in the kalahari desert.[/SIZE]