4g modems

Are there any universal 4g modems available in kenya?

Ukipata pia mimi nijuze mblo.


Try that.

Thanks but looking at the picture posted, it looks like a 3g modem.[ATTACH=full]80671[/ATTACH]

How about this one, not a modem but a wifi router. I use the smaller one with 3G support but it works great.



Pic unclear. Details?

This one is universal, you can use any provider to connect, I saw it being sold at one of those computer shops at jamia mall. Recommended price should be around 8-10k. That’s what they cost abroad, depending on the brand .


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Imported huawei modem from Russia. eBay.

Rumors: JTL to roll out 4G network.

I always use this Safcom Vuma and amazingly fasr. Its 4G and can be connected to max 10 gadgets.


Seen. Sina shida na bei as I’d scouted the prices out there. Availability ndiyo issue. Nimeshukuru sana.


Check out jumia

Though that price is highly inflated, sometimes it goes down to 13k. I think it’s a good product. I have using the one in his link down here and it’s served me well for the past two years. However, currently the battery is shit, but I think mimi ndio niliharibu juu ya kuiwacha charging 24/7. Bought it for 7k


Sina. Buts it’s a huawei.

The hilink modems don’t use batteries. Provide power via USB. A companion app is provided.

Call this guy Ben 0720963333

This is good but an old version , works good though

Which is the newer one?

I don’t know if Safcom has the new ones like the one I attached earlier .

Niko na hii 7k[ATTACH=full]89593[/ATTACH]

It it open or locked? Mahali uliipata kuna zingine?:slight_smile: