490 kph. Bugatti new record.

:D:D:D:D Ni kama kutoka Nairobi hadi Mombasa in one hour and a few minutes.

Ama Nairobi to Nakuru in about 40 minutes.

Top Gear driver Andy Wallace. Watch the bottom screen. Hyperloop via car.


noma sana and at that top speed it will use up its 100 ltr fuel tank in just 12 minutes.

actually 7 minutes for the chiron while gulping 47,000 litres of air per minute, hio ni pumz one man breathes in four days,wankers need that in two seshens of safisa mecho

so it will refuel 4 times ikienda mombasa?

HEHEHE you are nuts bro

Of course to achieve that speed you can’t do it in a stock Chiron.

First, you need new tyres from Michelin. The very expensive Pilot Sport Cup 2 tyres from Michelin that can withstand extreme heat and pressure. For a trip to Mombasa you’ll probably need 4 or 5 brand new sets and a very straight highway.

Then the Bugatti engineers have to unlock the electronic speed governor or limiter for you to go faster.

You also need a new aerodynamic car body!

New aerodynamic reinforced wings. And the car will be lowered a few more millimeters to the ground.

Lots of fuel waiting at specific points of the highway… and you are ready to go.

at least four times i.e. fuel worth more than 40,000 BOB to MSA

What about when driving at 100 k/h, what will the consumption be ?

use ifs and else and while statements

I’m std 8 graduates .

wewewewewewewe… one small move adn you’re toast. dare a leaf fly on to the windscreen…

Why fly while you can walk?