48 Laws of Power: Law #10

Law #10: Infection: Avoid the Unhappy and the Unlucky. People who are perpetually miserable spread misery like an infection, and they’ll drown you in it. Avoid these people like the plague. Conversely, if you associate with happy people, you’ll share in the good fortune they attract and spread

Thanos leta hekaya fasta fasta.

Kwani lazma kuwe na hekaya?

:D:D:D Niaje tena hizi. Ushaanza za single mothers.

Always be there for those who need you, they can be a blessing in disguise.

In the meantime leta hekaya venye mwana mkunaji amenena hapo awali.

Naweza sema tu hivi, be a blessing to others. Its not always about “Me” “I”. Focusing too much on oneself can lead to depression hence unhappiness and a feeling that one is unlucky. The laws were written by a person to sell.

Tunajua palipo na moshi hapakosi mwoto…

Naah thats a law that has been there and I actually found it in thia kijiji. Elders wenyewe ndo walisema

Kina @uwesmake na ule mkamba @PHARMACY. Hawa hata wakitomba ng’ombe bado wataleta makasiriko huku kutukanana vile madem wamewanyima

True definition of first class hiv strain infected dog

:D:D:D Huyu si apostle kianda


Behind every motivational quote there is always hekaya. The deeper the quote the juicier the hekaya.

No it’s @Demakuvu , confirmed rumours from chokosh intelligence bureau dossier indicated that @Demakuvu momma worked at Amar but also she had part time career at usher of a certain church .maybe the apostle is related to this mbweha


@Demakuvu is a dead dog in my eyes


I argue that if the guy has understood the laws of power, he should be president of America.
Just a popular motivational book


That I Concur. That’s why I have refused to debate the likes of @PHARMACY @Weyn and @poyoloko who are the ass wipes of society. Scum. Abo-rted maggots that survived the procedure. Conceived from harlot Smegma and the precum of adolescent street urchins.


Not everyone is interested in politics or pursuit of wealth. Some people just want simple life. That doesn’t mean they don’t understand the intricacies of how to accumulate or maintain power and wealth.