1. Do not approach her first. Let her approach you ndio useme ile bei unataka.
  2. Never accept to fuck a lanye for free. Utalipa vibaya heri kujua bei.
  3. Never trust a lanye, even if she’s your girlfriend. Always kaa rada.
  4. Learn how to detect thief lanyes and avoid them. First red flag ni wale wamama wamchapa they are desparate and will steal from you since they rarely vget any high value clients.
  5. Always fuck lanyes in a lodging no matter the temptaion to take her home usiwahi jaribu. You will live to regret.
  6. Avoid drinking with lanyes watakuekea mchele after buying them alcohol na wakuibie vile inafaa.
  7. Don’t let any lanye know too much about you. Always say less than expected.
  8. Usikubali poko akulipie room go negotiate for yourself like a man.
  9. Don’t let her squirt on you.
  10. Use protection always, no matter how innocent she looks.
  11. Avoid fat lanyes, usually hygiene yao ni mbaya.
  12. Never fear walking into a brothel, even your own pastor frequents there. Hakuna kitu ya kuogopa.
  13. Always avoid an all-nighter as much as possible, piga shot yako utosheke, She’ll probably steal from you when you are asleep.
  14. Don’t show any sympathy no matter how touching their stories are. Lanye sio mamako.
  15. Sura ya kazi, sitarudia.
  16. Avoid loud mouth lanyes.
  17. Never commit to any lanye.
  18. Lanyes will never be your friend no matter how much you vibe with them, wako kazi.
  19. Never fear any lanye wote ni waoga sana and they fear too much exposure, use that to your advantage.
  20. Dem anakuomba pesa kila wakati ni lanye. Chunguza.
  21. Most lanyes are not in brothels but in your houses.
  22. Lanye watamu huwa hawasumbui, kizuri chajiuza.
  23. Don’t give any private info to a lanye, wengi hu work na ma sanse.
  24. Never show a lanye too much money, utaporwa ushangae.
  25. Never let a lanye talk down on you. Protect your dignity at all cost.
  26. Maisha ya usherati ni addictive asf, control your lanye impulses early enough.
  27. VIP is better than sabina joy by far.
  28. Lanyes are there for business usijaribu kumuokoa.
  29. Usimpee jina ya ukweli. Always use an alias like George.
  30. You will never be satisfied by a lanye. PNC is real. Utaregret 100% of the time.
  31. Lanyes sex styles are limited, it doesn’t feel like sex.
  32. Lanyes are the worst gossipers, usikubali wakujue sana.
  33. Never sleep with the same lanye twice, wao huona ukiwa mjinga sana.
  34. Go to brothels and chill once in a while kuosha macho is theraputic.
  35. Never tip a lanye.Wacha ateseke, they love that life.
  36. Always go for the younger lanyes, always keep it 18-24yrs unless you have a weird fetish.
  37. Lanyes don’t care about you, watakupora at any given chance.
  38. Lanye wa jaba are mjch better by far than wa alcohol.
  39. Tiktok is the new hunting spot for lanyes.
  40. Money is not the only thing a lanye wants, she also wants to feel like she’s not a lanye. Women hehehe
  41. Business lady/ Entrepreneur/Independent lady are all synonyms for lanyes.
  42. Heri lanye than girlfriend ako na tattoos.
  43. A big ass lanye always looks different and ugly when she’s undressed.
  44. Tuwache usherati. Maisha ya ulanye is simping and it only brings regrets.
  45. Lanyes lack a father figure. Always act like her daddy and discipline her.
  46. New lanyes are always the best. hao wazee ni vichwa ngumu ma OG.
  47. If you’re in your 20’s you must try lanyes, otherwise your life will go in a downward spiral ukiwa thate fae.
  48. Lanyes are trash, usiwahi wa rank.
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Nice read kuna new form 4 leaver who needed this information. Akuje afunzwe na adi teacher

Expound on this elder.

Lanye wa jaba siwezi guza. Wakona puussy iko dry inabidi wapake mate. Disgusting!

security/variety of hoez/ music/ ambience/ cleanliness/ affordability and everything.


Alafu ukiwa kwa club upate dem ameketi pekee yake anakunywa beer moja kama anarusha rusha macho, huyo ni lanye.

There is a certain way they talk and look, you can easily tell a lanye in a bar that’s hunting for clients.

Lanye ako kazi kwa club hawezi lewa. They’re always sober but they pretend they’re drunk.

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Hapo Kwa 33, I might disagree with you. Also never get emotionally attached to a lanye

Hapo kwa variety SJ ndio bingwa ama Mimi huenda VIP time mbaya?

Buda haujawai achana na malaya?

Ni @MbogiNjege

Makes sense but points zako ziko repetitive ka shiet.All these than be condensed into 3 solid points

@administrator pin hii thread buana

Banae kuna ingine nilikula rubber ikaburst.

Bebanga KY lube…sasa huyo dem wa jaba akipaka mate ya jaba is even worse

Expound on this

:D:D imagine hii mwaka sijakamua lanye. Anyway menu ya SJ kuna nyama mpya?

Wapi kuna mali fresh?

Laws are ment to be broken.
Point 33, Ukipata lanye mtamu, unarudi round 2 na 3 hadi akuwe stale.

so true, kuna moja alisema ni teme mate nika sema nakula gum ikona pepper mint ita kuwasha, aka sema kuma ni yake tema tu.