47 murders in cape town

Cape Town saw its deadliest weekend since the SA National Defence Force’s (SANDF) deployment in crime hotspots last month, according to province’s forensic statistics.
Premier Alan Winde said on Monday that 47 murders were recorded by forensic services in the metro - with 27 shootings, 13 stabbings and seven murders by other means.
Last weekend, 41 murders were recorded, with knives and sharp instruments overtaking guns as the weapon of choice.
This had been a decrease from 46 murders two weekends ago. However, three weekends ago there had been fewer murders (25) recorded.Cape town has recorded over 2000 murders in 2019 averaging to 50 murders per week.Wueh

99.8% of it is bonobo-on-bonobo violence.

blame it on the varoius gangs and guns in the street.

Sijui about SA sana but I always thought it’s Johannesburg that is prone to violence. Sad news. Very sad.

Since they legalised marijuana, things have not been the same.

how exactly?

Most of the crimes are drug related. Gangs are fighting for control over certain areas.

i see bt u have to remember ths narcotics have bn around even before legalisation

True but at the moment shit has hit the fan.

And some orangutans from Kenya are being smuggled to ‘look for greener pastures’ in such a country

They are not being smuggled. Kenyans by nature have immigrated so much. Millions of Kenyans reside in SA. It is no longer what it used to be but they say they are better off there than going back home.

The Kenyans I feel sorry for are the ones paying agents to ship them to UAE countries.

Kenya has a myriad of problems but I love how our people coexist. This days crime hotspots such as Kayole and Dandora zimetulia.Wakali kwanza polis will deal with them steadfast,hapo hakuna kitu.

50 murders a week is a tragic mess.

The ‘road trip’ is perilous ,since they drive from kenya through unorthodox means. There’s an article by an undercover journalist detailing how they went to satafrica …

Trudat…getting there they did and made a livelihood for lack of a better word. Over the years things have changed so much but they still say they are better off there than going back home. Nashindwa kuelewa.

I think the ones we should worry about are the vulnerable young women being carted off to UAE. Your pp is taken by the employer so you cannot go anywhere other than his house. Unachapwa from morn till evening by the memsahibs and bwana shags you when he wants bila protection. GHAI…

UAE is one country. Edit to Arabic or Middle Eastern countries

baboon DNA is strong

Do edit it yourself. You said that it is a worry that KTalk has the likes of me as a woman which was so sad you said. Mimi sina akili mingi.
I would have thought that you would have recruited some serious women thinkers like your mum or wife by now.
In short do not quote me.

They don’t even consider themselves black, they’re coloureds with Dutch surnames. And they’re more violent than blecks.

No, blame it on the white man who colonised them for years and still colonises them via proxy. Ama hio sio default ya kila mwafrika?