400km only

Why can’t we view the International Space Station through a telescope?

Seeing the ISS pass in front of the sun or moon, known as a transit, takes a fair amount of planning and will likely require some travel.To the naked eye, the Space Station looks like a big white dot that moves quickly across the sky without changing direction. Huku kanthonzweni kuna giza proper, you’ll see a bunch of other satellites as tiny dots criss crossing the night sky every minute or two. For the ISS though youll need its app but problem is its position and time, it could pass over east africa but during the day ama ipite usiku but iko juu ya TZ. Telescopes za kawaida will give you a blurred view.

You can but it’s close to Earth’s surface so the relative speed across the sky is usually very fast. Unless you have a telescope with powerful tracking mirrors.

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Eeh tuliacha
Juzi tumeingilia rodents flani zinakaa midget fox alafu kuna sungura mwitu kibao, doggy ziliisha na zingine zikaenda migreshen hadi kanairo. Ulikua unataka ka kipande bwana chifu?

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Get the app which tracks it and hope its within your vicinity. It can be seen with the naked eye especially early dusk/dawn.

Unajua 400km ni kutoka kitale to kitengela np device can view such distance.

I confirm this , last time I visited @chap s mommy we watched stars and telescopes crisscross around . The child we are expecting we will name him space station mutiso .