400 Chinese plan to leave Kenya

Life has become tough for Chinks here. They got a court order allowing them to be evacuated after arguing that the health facilities here would not handle a big Corona outbreak

The real reason was probably that they are experiencing extreme xenophobia and racism.

From nation

A Chinese woman among those preparing to travel home said it has become hard to live in Kenya, as Chinese are suspected to be Covid-19 carriers.
“The other day, I went to a supermarket and people were literally running away from me. In most hospitals, even if you are just going for a normal check-up, they insist that all Chinese residents be tested for Covid-19,” said the woman.
She said she will be leaving with her family.
“I am not sure whether I will come back. Time will tell,” she said.


A mass exodus is loading, the Chinks are probably scared that what happened in Zambia juzi will happen here

Waskie vile wananyanyasa mabonobos huko kwao

[SIZE=2]In a heavy Meru or kisii inglish, he said[/SIZE]…

Let them Ngo!!:p:p

we wished to live with them well,work and benefit from the rising china,but they made their bed of thorns.let them sleep on it.

on the other hand i highly doubt china is willing to let kenya go.i suspect it is just positioning themselves to find favor with whoever will head the next GoK.So they are tightening loose ends

The truth is that there is no much bizness going on, no need for them to stay here just spending. Chinkus do not fear corona virus afterall china is the epicenter of it.

The lockdown obviously has had its effect on the economy

Good riddance to bad rubbish!

Wishing them a speedy flight back to Wuhan

Wakwende kabla Konyagi ajue awaambie wakae

This is bad news…I hope yule mChinese wa Accra hapo nyuma ya National Archives hataenda. The man is a legend…alinijenga my ps3 & ps4 na a good number of used games, electronics :smiley:

Good riddance. Hope they don’t come back ever

good rubbish huwa gani?

Compost manure or biogas-producinganimal waste. Bad rubbish is like used diapers or used sanitary pads. Now you gerrit?

ok sir. but there is no ‘bad’ or ‘good’ rubbish. It is just rubbish

I don’t buy into that idea.