40 sticks

Manyang’au nyinyi!

I like this local movie, pale Netflixi. Any other Kenyan movie suggestion?
Holiday season is on and is time to forget 2020.

Kumbe it’s an actual movie, I thought it was a joke when I watched this clip :D:D


The acting was pathetic kwanza kale ka pointy na kizungu ya i kujad i hatad ndio alifanya niitoe. heri half life

Good progress…but still very poor by international standards.
Action scenes very poor. The way the convicts grab the gun is not flowing well.

Director should have find a way to include a lion/leopard, ata kama ni fake.

Check the scene where the prison van finds the water truck blocking the road…two different number plates on the same vehicle within splits of cuts. How did the editor miss that?

I wouldn’t waste my mbandos watching this.

Kabisa, improvement required

ni pole pole tu.
improvements will happen once they start getting some recognition and especially from fans-attending/watching the content.

let’s hope it will be sooner rather than never.

Wadau tulieni. Your resident filmmaker ako hapa. Niko na movie flani naandika inaiva tu polepole. Nikiweza kushoot na kurelease nitaangalia reviews zenyu. Ndo mjue movie za Kenya bado zina hope. Ni hayo tu.

Good to know. Tunazihitaji sana. Usife moyo