4 things

Atleast on a minimum maintain healthy levels of 3 of them:

2) Physicality
3) Emotionality
4) Mentality

Talking of spirituality,we owe allegiance to God,let’s not get lost in doctrines,church politics etc



For those who pray and God listens,pray for Kenya to maintain her maritime boundary as it is so that we are not sea locked…I don’t know why am obsessed with that case

fear is a disease of the mind that controls you depending on what you feed it…

what if the other country is praying for its sea line to be expanded?
shouldn’t we give them the sea line they want and add them an extra piece?

what if that sea line is what is making us sin. shouldn’t we cut it off?

What if sinning is what makes this country money and keeps us away from poverty? Shouldn’t we keep our sea line?