4 starve to death after their pastor instructed them to fast,

supposedly to save them from an imminent “painful death in the world”. These worshipers of Good News International Church, died after going for days without food and water at Shakahola village in Magarini Constituency, Kilifi County.


huko coast kuna shida this isnt the first incident

Mtu anaogopa kufikiria ni liability kwa jamii. Having them around is wastage of food, wapumzike kwa amani.

Juzi kilifi Kuna matha alimada her children ndio aende heaven. No wonder Kilifi Iko na the highest number of teenage pregnancy in the country giving birth to More bonobos

After you are starved for a longer time when in a comfortable environment, you will get into a state akin to what the Buddhists call NIRVANA. It is a state where you lose yourself. Nothing matters no more to you. Not even eating, leave alone self conscience!

Four people were found dead and eleven others were hospitalized in Kilifi, Kenya after being rescued from a forest where they were starving to death in what appears to be a religious cult.

Police said the group of people were found in Shakahola Forest within Langobaya in Malindi sub-county where they had been living for several days after being brainwashed by a local pastor identified as Makenzie Nthenge of Good News international church.

Authorities said they received reports on Thursday that “there were ignorant citizens who were starving to death in pretext to meet Jesus after being brainwashed by a suspect one Makenzie Nthenge a pastor of Good news international church.”

And when they went to the forest, they located the group and six of them were in emaciated and in a critical condition.

They died while being rescued by police and medics while others were taken to hospital.

Police said they will resume the search and rescue operation in the forest on Friday morning following reports that there could be more people and that there is a mass grave where others were buried recently.

Initial police investigations show that an unknown number of people had retreated into the forest with the influence of the pastor who was arrested and charged last month over similar allegations.

In the forest, vulnerable individuals, including young children are subjected to strict rules and practices that compromise their health, according to police who spoke to some of the victims and witnesses.

Police said they had launched an investigation and a manhunt for the rogue pastor who was freed on a Sh100,000 bond last month.


Pastor kanyari AKA @FieldMarshal CouchP ameamua kumaliza kondoo zake

Bonobo stupidity. Witchcraft and religion are same thing. Bure kabisa Ngombe ici

I thought fasting is supposed to make you think more clearly.

I know that area. Poorest of the poor, very backward and zero education level.

The one who said that religion is the opium of the masses hakudanganya.

Kweli kapsa. Mimi sioni shida yoyote msee hana akili akikufa ujinga wake.