4% Profit Margins for Merchandise?

I carried out some surveys for some electronic items being sold in nairobi and shockingly, the profit margins seems to have averaged at 4%! How do guys survive selling these… and then paying taxes? Kwanza those on 3% tax on sales are not even allowed to deduct any expenses! So, how do they survive? In my survey, I targeted common computers, phones, and other common electronics items in Nairobi… Ama they sell stolen magendo items?

Must be selling alot of fake stuff to survive


To earn 40k, you need to sell 1M. Hii ni kazi ya kanisa. Hata lanye wa calabash earns more


Only importers who bring in bulk make real money


kabisa… You need serious turnover to do well… Like 10m to make 400k gross per month… 100m to make 4m per month… And there are many expenses and risks here…

io survey yako iliifanya wapi na lini? uko na masomo kiwango ipi enye inakuwezesha kufanya io survey?

@Ngimanene-Na-matharo atakujibu akitoka kanisa


Nimefika class 7. Baas. Share your opinion too… We are also waiting Ngima Kubwa… And BTW, I am sharing information about the retail prices publicly available… vis-a-vis wholesale purchase prices also available from the official distributors… Not the selling prices in County and National Governments and a few corporate entities… In statistics that I learnt in class 7, there issue to do with sampling, and also on the outout, outliers… Ignore these outliers…

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