4 bedroom house in Membly ruiru costing 12m

Dear Admin,
We are in the point of despair with my kids because we are not a young couple.
My husband used to work with BAT and recently retired in 2019. He is 61 and I am 55. Our kids are 30, 25 an 19 and we have two granddaughters.
I worked with KCB for years and came out to do my business with the package I got.
So last year having no home in Kakamega or in Nairobi, we decided to buy a house in Membley Estate, costing us 12m, 4 bedroomed mansionnete, he then took the remining money and bought himself and SUV.
Out of love and respect he convinced me to have all the property under his name then have another will for either of us to inherit the property fully in case of death.
Now since August I have not been seeing him with the car, when I asked he brought different stories; mara the car is in the garage and secondly the car is with a friend. I didnt suspect much.
Then this week some guys just walked into our compound and without a word began measuring the area. So when I asked what is happening the guy just told me he wants to take a loan against the property.
Kumbe this guy sold the building in March and we have been paying rent since. So he has been crying the whole week, saying that he got into online cyrpto business and lost around 15m kshs. I have no idea what that is…He has HBP and diabetes and he threatens to commit suicide.
I have no idea what I can do because the house and the car have been sold.
The kids are hating him and our family is breaking. What can you advice.

Out of love ni wewe, fake story

Aache kudanganya huyo alinyang’anywa pesa na freddie ngamwaya

Hii ukora ya crypto bado iko

He bought himself and SUV.

Fake story.

Nimeuza portfolio yangu yote. I will wait for them to dip. Meanwhile nimerusha hiyo chapaa kwa stocks.

He is a liability and should not continue wasting our oxygen, ajinyonge

Crypto wachieni real Gs.

Kama wewe I presume?

@Azor Ahai is the only person in Kenya who can make money on forex and crypto.
Wengine tafuteni kazi ya kufanya

Only 1 in 20 people speculating in crypto can profit long-term. Key word LONGTERM.

But it’s all good because that one person and exchanges take money from the remaining 19.

Most people’s idea of crypto is to create an account on Binance, buy shi.tcoins X,Y and Z. Sit on their as.sses for some time and make insane gains.

That strategy works sometimes (based on pure luck), but do it enough times (to eliminate luck) and they are guaranteed to lose money in the long term.

I’m looking to wire $50K USD to myself from my foreign account to get KSH and wondering if you know someone who can take that amount in Bitcoin. The bank exchange rates are exploitative plus I incur bank fees on both sides of the transaction. Last time I lost approximately 500USD in the transaction which I think is unnecessary.

Nimeachia hapo kwa 12m membley,fake…why do people joke with a million shilling.

You did not lose, you paid fees. That is not much considering the amount involved

It is in comparison to the alternative where fees would be a fraction of what I paid.

Woow…@Truman Capote kam hia pls.

Are there alternatives for transferring such an amount? Transfer the amount in Kshs, dont allow your bank in Kenya to do it, they exploit without even consulting you.

That is why I was asking that guy. The problem is getting someone who can give you ksh after you do the transfer in Bitcoin.

Usually I send to my local usd account and even then finding someone to exchange to ksh is usually another task as the banks rate is not competitive.

fake story, you can’t sell matrimonial property when married without spousal consent, it’s null and void