4,000! Or are they bluffing?

Zibomolewe zote. NEMA should wake up and work with the counties. Ama watasema budget zao hazitoshi?

Ata zile za kijana ya Emilio zilale chini

Siko sure, they have many properties in Kileleshwa, Kilimani na Dennis Pritt area. Two of which are obviously grabbed riparian land

On this land issue @S_Lilly has a point, If 99 years are through then why are this fellows still retaining the land? No one is saying that we the government should take people’s land willy nilly no man!. Only those with extremely huge tracts of lands acquired in mysterious “grabbed” ways and the said land not being utilized/used. Try travelling around Kenya you will be shocked by the sheer amount of unpopulated, idle land my friend. When you are told that Kenyattas own over half of Taita Taveta it’s not a lie, the late Mulu Mutisya and a few people from Moi’s era own huge chunks of Machakos (not only the land you see on the highway but also stretches all the way to maasai land) and when you get to the said Maasai land you will also come across similar tracts belonging to kina Nyayo. Ever wondered why coastal people have always complained over grabbed land? (not your Nairobi peoples’ coasto “Mombasa”, places like kilifi county mbele ya kikambala, vipingo uelekee Malindi hadi upatane na Lamu kina mpeketoni or the other side kwale county kina kinondoni, uende shimba hills hadi border ya TZ just to name a few.

WE ARE NOT AN OVER POPULATED NATION, all those areas I’ve just mentioned have huge pieces of land owned by a handful of individuals, I’m from Mombasa and up until recently areas like Bamburi mtambo, Utange, shanzu going all the way to Mwakirunge were all just idle land owned by a few. Where dongo kundu bypass from Ukunda has passed all the way to the mainland ilikuwa vichaka tupu and if you have ever used the highway to Mombasa before, you will notice that where the SGR Voi station is at was just bushes on all sides of the road, it’s only now that people have built houses. I repeat WE ARE NOT OVER POPULATED. we just choose to concentrated on small areas in this land called Kenya.

wachana na Thanos

So why don’t you go to those under-populated places and develop them? Who’s stopping you from buying 5,000 acres in Marsabit/Turkana and farming there using irrigation or whatever?

My point? Man the ferk up and own your shit. This endless dependecy syndrome - oooh, tupewe mashamba, oooh tujengewe, ooooh tunajua tumekalia ardhi ya umma lakini tufidiwe tuondoke, ni upusi.

Uhuru distributed hundreds of thousands of titles just the other day but guess what, half of those shambas have been sold and the beneficiaries are now again asking gavament to resettle them. I saw the same BS in Kinale and Ndeiya in 1990 when Moi resettled peasant Kikuyus who promptly sold off the land.

Cliff Ombeta anaweza deal sana na criminal law, hi ya mashamba ni kizungumkuti kwake, hana uzoefu.

May be for a week or two then things will settle down, that is if the government dedicates itself to the cause. You can’t engage in a fight with a government especially when what its is doing is legal even in Mau squatters are being evicted.

Ni ukweli labda hana uzeofu. Lakini anaelewa hard cold cash. And preferably in large amounts. Atajaribu kesi afadhali ashindwe. But amepata another designer suit in his wardrobe. Ambulance chaser. Saul Goodman.

It won’t be easy, those slums are large but I support the move.

Za public mwizi number one ziangushwe #airgate #the building opposite tmall

Is the land lease not renewed. Elezea mimi

Airgate ni ya nani?

Watu wa mathare are next all along Nairobi river rich and poor will suffer.

It is the best time to execute the clear out while the hand-cheque fair weather persists, at least no one is angling to make political capital out of it.

I would also sell off the land before someone comes and tells me the title deeds are fake or something along those lines. The difference being that these people just burn through the cash instead of finding a decent plot somewhere else and setting up a small house. Maskini akipata, matako hulia mbwata.

And who said that one has to own land to generate wealth?? In the US, 2% of the population owns 70% of the farmland.The other 30% being Agriculture companies. having 100,000 acres is not an issue.

No Sir, yours is the knee jerk reaction borne from years of mental colonization:rolleyes:
Please research the term [SIZE=5]eminent domain[/SIZE] which is practiced in the most capitalistic nation on earth aka USA.
In the US, the state can and does take over private property in the public interest.

Our problem is not over population but rather under production and under valued production. Compare our population numbers per sq km to japan or the UK and their production levels and the value of their products then you can begin to understand our poverty.

You know, if you can’t understand basic things wachana nazo. WHO TALKED ABOUT POPULATION DENSITY FOR GOD’S SAKE?

@gashwin , @mabenda4 , @kyuktothecore et al, you don’t have to agree with me but what’s wrong with these kids? I keep talking about RATE OF population growth and they talk about their own things.

The future is not looking bright at all. Africa’s population is expected to hit 4 billion by 2090 if current trends continue. 4 billion!!! I wonder where the fuck all those people are going to eat, if we can’t even cope with a billion. Those boats headed for Europe are not going out of business any time soon. Sometimes I wish a catastrophic event would hit this continent and wipe out like half the population, so the rest can have a chance at a better life. Some economists have argued that the plague, which wiped out at least a third of Europe, led to higher living standards for those who survived. This growth rate is simply not sustainable. According to this chart, all other continents will start witnessing negative population growth rates, but Africans will continue fucking like their lives depend on it. Iko chida.